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Printer Guide and Tips

These printer guides & tips are designed to help people with all their home office or small office printing needs. However, many guides & tips are not specific to laser or inkjet printers. Scanning and drivers are among the other topics covered as well. All of them are based on real world experience from a service technician with 23 years experience. Relevant information to anyone who owns a printer, these tips will help you get the most from your office equipment.

Inkjet vs Laser Printers

Inkjet vs laser

The Inkjet vs Laser printers clash is about to begin. On one side inkjet printers, on the other laser printers. Who will win? Which printer should you buy? This in depth comprehensive guide will cover their pros and cons so the next all in one you buy will be a perfect fit for your needs. Quality, cost, and reliability will be compared in our inkjet vs laser printers rivalry. Whether it’s for home or an office, this guide will answer all the questions.

What is Printer Toner?

Printer Toner

This article explains what is printer toner. Whether you’re thinking about buying a laser printer or have questions about the one you own, The Printer Jam has answers. Our in depth explanation about this remarkable powder and how laser printers use it covers everything from how it works to the best practices for cleaning it up.

Paper Jams

How to clear a laser printer jam with step by step photos and instructions | how to clear a paper jam | get the most out of your printer

Any tech with 20 years experience has probably cleared over 10,000 jams. After doing anything that often you do learn a few tips and tricks for clearing jams. From the smallest printers to larger copiers we’ve got clearing jams covered. There usually isn’t much room to remove jammed paper in any machine that uses paper. You have to be careful of any small plastic parts that can break. But if you want to clear a jam like a boss read this.

Best Print Driver

Print Driver

In case you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between PCL or PS. Based on practical real world experience this post goes into the differences between PCL and PS. As well as covering some of the lesser know proprietary drivers. Make an informed choice as to the print driver you use. Also included are a few printing tips for any printer.

Fix a Print Queue without Rebooting

Fix Print Queue

This comes in handy is you have slow printing or stuck jobs. Flush out those files and make your print queue good as new. Also included are a few printing tips to keep your queue running smoothly. No need to save and close all your stuff. This works without rebooting.

Revive Ink Cartridges

Inkjet Cartridge

We can’t make any promises, but when it comes to reviving ink cartridges we can help. Cleaning print heads can be a messy but rewarding process. It’s a good feeling to take a bad cartridge that was just going to be thrown away and bring it back to life. Followed up with some great tips for cleaning up printer ink! Hands. clothes, and carpet have all fallen prey of printer ink. Check out our tips for cleaning up inkjet printer ink.

Get the Most Out of Your Scanner

Doc Scanner

Document scanners are covered here as well. If you need to know what all those settings do in your scanner driver this post is for you. The most common settings are explained as well as some best practices. You will feel confident changing the resolution, text, photo, greyscale, or file types. Save time touching up images later by getting the best results from the original scan. Get the Most out of your Scanner!

Choosing the Right Printer Paper

Right Paper

Not all paper is the same. Laser printer paper will work in most cases. However, Inkjet printers need a specific type. If you need help navigating all the types we can help. This guide goes over the types of paper and their purposes. Match the right paper with your printer. How to Choose the Best Paper for your Printer

Best Laser Paper

Got a laser printer? Need to know more about laser paper? This guide goes over the different types, sizes, and brands of paper for a laser printer. It will help you match the right paper with your printer. Got the best results no matter what print job you have in mind for your laser printer. Get The Best Paper for a Laser Printer.

Gift Ideas for that Tech in Your Life

Gift Guide

Know a tech guy? Need to get them some gift? These ideas are perfect for that tech we all know. If you’ve ever struggled to think of some gift ideas we can help. The prices range from $15 to about $50. The tech ranges from a newbie to seasoned master. Gift Guide for the Tech in Your Life.

As more Printer Guides & tips are written they will be added to this list. Need more? Find more printer guides on Print Wiki.