Best Paper

We love paper here at the printer jam. Copiers, transfer, inkjet or laser printers. We have a guide for them all.

Right Paper

Choosing the Right Printer Paper

If you’re looking for some tips on selecting the right paper for your printer, this article can help. It will break down all the different factors for selecting paper. Then clarify which paper is right for kind of printing you do on your printer. If you’re looking for paper the two most important factors are the type of printer and purpose of the print job. We could just recommend you premium inkjet paper for your inkjet printers and premium laser paper for laser printers, but why?

inkjet paper

Best Paper for an Inkjet Printer

Finding the best paper for an inkjet printer is made easy right here at The Printer Jam. I know many people hate printers but here we love them. Flaws and all. We love inkjet printers so much we want to help you get the most from it. Both Literally and figuratively. This site has also covered laser paper, copy paper, and transfer paper. But this time we’re doing inkjet paper. Inkjet printers are kind of special in that they use a liquid process.

copy paper

Ultimate Guide to Copy Paper

Is your task buying some copy paper for the office? If you need some help, you’ve come to the right place. Before I worked on copiers I thought paper was just paper. I didn’t know much beyond paper size. Although once you add weight, brightness and type that covers the most important properties of copy paper. Inkjet printer paper, laser printer paper, and transfer paper are covered elsewhere. Standard copy paper sizes around here are Letter (8.5×11), Legal (8.4×14), Ledger (11×17) and Statement (5.5x 8.5).

laser paper

Best Paper for a Laser Printer

Searching for the best paper for a laser printer? If you need help navigating the sea of paper brands and types we can help. Before I worked on printers I thought paper was just paper. But now I’ve learned paper really matters to get the best results from a laser printer. Choosing the right size, type, and brightness for the job will ensure a great outcome. After clearing perhaps thousands of printer jams in my lifetime.

Transfer Paper

Best Transfer Paper Printing Guide

Printing on heat transfer paper is easy. Choosing which paper and getting a great result can be hard. In this post we will explore transfer paper. We will go over best tips, tricks, and things to avoid. This guide will help you choose the right transfer paper for your project. As always, this site helps you get the most from your printer. Which will ultimately lead to the best results for your project. For copy paper or choosing which paper check out this guide.

sublimation paper

Choosing the Best Paper for Sublimation

Sublimation paper plays a major role in the sublimation process. Sublimation is a great way to get your designs from a computer to fabric or rigid material. The paper you choose for your sublimation projects is important. It has to work with sublimation ink and be compatible with the temperatures involved with sublimation. While you can use many types of paper in a sublimation printer. If you want the best results you should use paper specifically designed for sublimation ink.

best paper

Best Copy Paper

Copy (aka economy) paper is for Copiers or laser printers. It isn’t meant for inkjets but won’t harm an inkjet printer either.

Hammermill Copy Paper

Best Multi Purpose

Multi purpose means for inkjet or laser printer purposes. Good for text, ok for color.

HP Multi Purpose

Best Premium Color

Better grade of paper in general. Good for color images or documents. Will work with either type of printer.

Hammermill Premium Color

Best Coated Color

Same as above but with a glossy coating. Not for inkjet printers.

Hammermill Premium Laser Gloss

Best Photo Paper

For color photos. It has a glossy finish. Not for laser printers.

HP Glossy Photo Paper

Best Professional Photo Paper

For color photos. Heavier and glossier finish. Not for laser printers.

Canon Pro Platinum