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best paper

Looking for Paper?

We love paper here at the printer jam. Copiers, transfer, inkjet or laser printers. We have a guide for them all.

Choosing the Right Paper
Laser Paper
Inkjet Paper
Transfer Paper Printing Guide
Ultimate Guide to Copy Paper

Best Copy Paper

Copy (aka economy) paper is for Copiers or laser printers. It isn’t meant for inkjets but won’t harm an inkjet printer either.

Hammermill Copy Paper

Best Multi Purpose

Multi purpose means for inkjet or laser printer purposes. Good for text, ok for color.

HP Multi Purpose

Best Premium Color

Better grade of paper in general. Good for color images or documents. Will work with either type of printer.

Hammermill Premium Color

Best Coated Color

Same as above but with a glossy coating. Not for inkjet printers.

Hammermill Premium Laser Gloss

Best Photo Paper

For color photos. It has a glossy finish. Not for laser printers.

HP Glossy Photo Paper

Best Professional Photo Paper

For color photos. Heavier and glossier finish. Not for laser printers.

Canon Pro Platinum