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Gift Guide for the Tech in Your Life

Here’s a gift guide to help with some gift ideas for that technician in your life. Whether they do simple home repairs or fix the space shuttle you can’t go wrong with this gift guide.  I’ve worked on printers for many years now. This is a list of tools and things that have made my life easier. If you need help with ideas for Tech gifts keep reading.

Magnetic Screwdriver

All Techs love a screwdriver!

A gift guide for a technician wouldn’t be complete without a screwdriver. I know many techs and they all swear by magnetic tipped screwdrivers. Mine gets a new tip once or twice a year but I’ve used the same screwdriver for 22 years. My kids chuckle at me but I named it. Here he is:

It will use Phillips, flat, or torx bits. With the extensions and bit kits
It is a very versatile and long lasting tool. It may cost a little more than other screwdrivers however it’s worth it. After 22 years Dan Tucker may be a little faded but still has a strong magnetic tip and can handle as much torque as I can throw at him.

Premium screw driver for under $20 at Amazon

USB Inspection Camera

We’ll find a project for this!

Any Tech will have fun with this toy. It can plug into a smart phone or laptop. It’s 16ft long. It’s even waterproof. But if you need a practical reason it’s great for those home remodeling projects, working on cars, or plumbing. Find what’s causing that oil leak or that missing bolt behind the engine. See what’s behind the wall or under the cabinets before disassembly. Attachments such as a magnet, hook, and mirror can be added to the end to do more than just look into pipes or behind cabinets.

Available for about $20.

Cordless Screwdriver

Best time saver!

Some techs like these, some don’t. But most of time they don’t because the torque isn’t adjustable. The torque is adjustable with this cordless screwdriver. There are several settings for torque so no worries about stripping out a screw or breaking anything. The larger operation button also allows for better control and less overdriving. The reverse drive is done with a separate switch. I’ve preferred the ones with a separate switch over the ones with a single rocking operation button. Add a built in LED light, an adjustable handle and this is a great cordless screwdriver.

Available for around $25 at Amazon.

Liquid Plastic Welder Kit

Makes repairing fun!

Fix cord insulation, small plastic pieces, or create custom shaped plastic. Most small electronic devices today use a lot of plastic housing and parts. All those small plastic parts that tend to break can be fixed or customized with this weld kit. It comes in handy working on printers, computers, mobile devices, games, or cars. Sometimes an entire assembly has to be replaced due to one small piece breaking. Save money by fixing those small broken parts instead of replacing larger components.

Will pay for itself for under $25.


A tech can’t have too many of these!

A tech just can’t have enough flashlights. I got this flashlight for a gift and it is just can’t go without one now. It extends and has a magnetic tip. If your tech works on cars there isn’t a better tool for retrieving dropped bolts or parts. Being able to extend the light source works much better than trying to shine a light into tight spaces. The flexible head also allows it to function similar to a hanging light. It can be hung and pointed where light is needed.

Great value for around $15.

Car AC Power Inverter

The gift they didn’t know they need until its too late!

When your car also doubles as your office this power inverter comes in handy. It provides a plug for your laptop charger or other devices that only have am AC plug. I haven’t tried to run a 50 page a minute copier on it since that does draw 20 amps, but it worked fine for my soldering iron. Take it with you on any road trip, it’s surprising how many electrical devices don’t have USB plugs.

Great value for around $20.

Solar Powered USB Charger

Just because you can!

Great for those times when you blow up your car battery trying to run a 55 page a minute copier on the AC inverter ,er, I mean when no plugs are available. This charger is solar powered. Hang it from a rear window for the kids when there isn’t a charger available.

Great value for under $30.

Tech Gift Ideas

We’ll find a project for it

Those are the items I’ve found useful and hopefully the Tech in your life will as well. Personalize any gift by printing custom labels with a label printer. To recap the gift guide ideas:


What do you give a technician?

Tech would like things like flashlights, USB inspection cameras, or USB magnification camera.

What to get someone who buys themselves everything?

They probably never bought a USB microscopic camera. It’s not something most think of to buy for themselves yet it’s something anyone will find a use for.

What to get for someone who works too much?

You can’t go wrong with flashlights.

copier guy

The Copier Guy, aka Dave. I’ve worked on scanners, printers, copiers, and faxes over 23 years. When I’m not fixing them I’m writing about them. Although, I’m probably better at fixing them. I have certificates from Canon, Xerox. Ricoh, Kyocera, Lexmark, HP, and Konica Minolta. My experience includes other brands as well as several types of processes. If it uses paper I’ve probably worked on one.

Gift Guide

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