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Where to Order Sublimation Prints

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If you’re curious about sublimation but not ready to invest into all the equipment, then there are alternatives. Instead of getting the required sublimation printer, you can order sublimation prints.

Yes, there are many places both online and in person to get sublimation prints made. This way you don’t need to invest in a sublimation printer to test the water so to speak with sublimating. If it turns out you really like sublimation then you can shop for a dye sublimation printer and upgrade to a heat press.

You can use a regular oven or toaster oven for mugs and other rigid items. Unfortunately, you’ll still need a heat press for polyester fabric. A standard iron just isn’t sufficient enough to do the job.

But there are many blanks you can start with such as decorations, mugs, or keychains. Unlike other heat transfers, sublimation is permanent and has vivid colors.

If you order sublimation prints you’ll have all you need to test it out!

Print Shops

Most print shops have a sublimation printer in some form or another. Call local print shops in your area to find what’s available. In my area $10 per print is the going rate. Most print shops are glad to make sublimation prints. But some prefer larger orders and may charge much more for smaller orders.

If you find a shop charging more it’s probably easier for them to create the entire item themselves than just make a few one off prints. In those cases it may only cost slightly more for you to send or choose a design and let them create the item.

But that cheats you of the fun of sublimating for yourself! If your local print shops charge too much then you can save a lot by getting sublimation prints online.

The only drawback is you have to wait for online orders. Whereas print shops can make your prints while you wait.

Online Print Shops

If you want to save money and don’t mind waiting for the mail, online print shops are your best choice. They can easily handle an order for a single page or one hundred pages.

My transfer source is an excellent choice if you just want to try out sublimation. They don’t have a minimum order so you can order one sheet if you want.

Etsy Shops

Etsy shops are another online source for sublimation prints. They can either print a design you send them or you can choose a design from their store. Either way Etsy is a good source for getting sublimation prints.


If you want to test out sublimation but aren’t ready to commit to getting all the equipment, ordering sublimation prints is a good option. You can use an oven or the heat press you’ve been using for HTV.

There are many places to order sublimation prints. Local print shops are quick but may cost more. Online stores rely on shipping but tend to cost much less.

Ordering sublimation prints is a great way to get into sublimation!


Where do I find sublimation prints?

You can find places online or many local print shops to make sublimation prints.

What should I buy for sublimation printing?

A sublimation printer, sublimation ink, and sublimation paper are the three items you need for sublimation printing.

How do I print sublimation transfers?

You need a sublimation printer to print sublimation transfers.

Can a normal printer do sublimation printing?

Most normal printers can’t do sublimation printing. You need a printer with a piezo print head. These type of print heads are found on Epson, Brother, and Sawgrass printers. Your average Envy, Officejet, or Pixma inkjet printers are not compatible with sublimation ink.

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