How To’s

How to Clean A Laser Printer

Cleaning laser printers isn’t like cleaning your socks. You can’t just toss it in a washing machine and let it go. Although tossing a laser printer in a washer does sounds like a lot of fun, it would ruin your printer. Cleaning the inside of a laser printer isn’t necessarily something that needs done weekly, monthly, or even yearly. It actually depends on how much printing you do. You should inspect your printer regularly. Whenever you add toner or clear a jam is a good time for an inspection to determine if a cleaning is necessary.

How to Do Sublimation: A Beginners Guide

If you want to know how to do sublimation then this article can help. It will cover everything you need to sublimate and a step by step of the process. If you’ve discovered the wonders of dye-sublimation printing and want to give it a go yourself you’re not alone. It doesn’t require a large investment to get started sublimating. Even a beginner will get great results. Everything you need to get started, step by step instructions, and what you can do with sublimation will be covered.

Fix Print Queue

How to Delete Jobs in a Print Queue

A document stuck in the print queue seems to happen at the worst time. Most of the time deleting the job and waiting a few minutes will do the trick. Yet every once and a while the job just won’t go away and a reboot seems inevitable. Before rebooting, give our instructions below a try. What is a print queue? It’s an index of all the jobs currently being printed. Most times there will be none or one job in the queue.

How to clear a laser printer jam with step by step photos and instructions | how to clear a paper jam | get the most out of your printer

How to Clear A Paper Jam in a Laser Printer

Even the best laser printer will have a paper jam every now and then. Clearing a printer jam doesn’t have to ruin your day. When I sat down and thought about it I have probably cleared thousands of paper jams in my life. Over the years I’ve noticed a few things that I thought I’d pass on hoping it will empower anyone to tackle that jam with confidence or maybe even give a few pointer to the experts.

Fix Wireless

How to Fix Your WiFi

At the end of your rope trying to fix that wireless printer? We’ve got it covered. Wireless printing is a great thing when it works. On the other hand, WiFi issues can be one of the biggest aggravations with a printer. Getting them to connect and stay connected shouldn’t be so complicated. I know firsthand how inconvenient it is to plug a printer in a different part of the house or other side of the room to print.