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About me

Hi, I’m Dave!

Many know me as The Copier Guy during my day job but my real name is Dave. The printing industry is full of people with experience and wisdom to share. I happen to be one of many repair technicians in the industry.

My experience is working on printers, copiers, and faxes since 1994. I’ve worked on every major brand. HP, Canon, Lexmark, Brother, Kyocera, Ricoh, Konica and Xerox. As well as several types of printing processes.

When I’m not fixing office equipment I’m writing about it. Although, I’m probably better at fixing them. Still, I’ve recently finished a short book about office humor. The Copier Jam is about the antics of techs and customers.

Twenty some years ago I didn’t picture myself still fixing printers. Twenty some years ago I did picture myself with the same wife. Plus 3 children now, minus some hair. I’ll try and keep the Dad jokes to a minimum.

Happily married as I am, I wouldn’t know where to begin to give advice on that matter. When it comes to printers I feel comfortable giving advice since I know a little more about that topic. If you’re looking for some tips or help navigating through your printing needs I hope to have covered it here at…..

While The Printer Jam is a participant in affiliate programs, I haven’t done any sponsored posts.

If you click on one of my links and buy a printer I get a small percentage. However, the price of any product is no different whether you use my links or not.

I’m grateful if you find any information here useful and click my product links.


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