The Printer JAM is a site dedicated to helping people get the most from their printer by providing reviews, guides, and tips. We’ve worked with small printers to production printers, wide format to wax. With over 20 years experience in the printing industry, we’re familiar with most major manufacturers and types. Printers may be an afterthought or secondary consideration on other sites however they are front and center here. Whether it’s deciding which printer will be the best match for your needs or tips for printing we’ve got it covered!

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Need help deciding which printer to buy?

This page is designed to help people evaluate which type of printer is right for them. Articles about Inkjet vs Laser printers, and how they work. There are also buying guides for each type printer. Whether it’s your first printer or you’ve been buying them for years, there’s distinctive insights for everyone.

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Looking for the top printers available?

Reviews of the Best printers on the market. Written from the perspective of someone who repairs them for a living, all reviews are done with the end user’s experience in mind. We want you to get the most from the printer you are buying so you will continue to come back to this site!


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Want some tips or guides for your printer?

Tips for clearing jams or print queues. Guides for choosing the right print driver or paper. Get the most from your printer literally and figuratively.

The Printer JAM!

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