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We added a Party Party Time to our 4 player Nintendo Switch games collection. This game is a multiplayer couch game for up to 6 people. It offers a variety of minigames with 13 coop and 25 player vs player games.

These are games anyone can sit down and play. Instinctive mini game coupled with basic controls. It offers simple fun for anyone.

Party Party Time includes common mini games found elsewhere plus a few new ones. They mix up familiar games so they seem fresh. Plus the new ones are actually fun to play. There weren’t many klinkers.

The techno music is catchy, as are the player animations. The graphics are simple but their dance moves are hypnotizing. It’s a very colorful game too.

Party Party Time is also budget friendly. The base game includes many games. There’s expansion packs to add more games, skins, and characters. The expansion pack that adds 8 co-op and 22 player vs player games is worth it in my experience.

Why This Game?

If you’re looking for a collection of minigames to play with friends, then this is a good option. Nobody has to learn complicated controls or tactics to win. Most games have you controlling a character with a jump button and attack/action button.

The games are incredibly intuitive. The goals are clear and how to score points is obvious. There are a few exceptions, such as rock, paper, scissors. That game was confusing at first. But once we understood the game, it still sucked.

There were plenty of winners though. Some were improved versions of classics, like block breaker. While others were completely new based on Youtube challenges, such as fill the cup with water.

If you like puzzle, carnival, combat, shooting, racing, sport, card, and survive games then Party Party is an ideal choice.

We tested this game with 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 players, and 6 players. It was best with 4 players and no computer players.

When we played with 5 or 6 players it was a bit more confusing. Some of the games we got in each others way more. Other games shrank the screen a bit.

When we played with 1 player, many games were fine. There were a lot of co-op games the computer players were no help at all. The computer players were easy to beat on player vs player games.

Party Party Time race

Comparable Games

Of all the multiplayer games in our collection I’d say Party Party Time is most similar to Carnival Games. We liked Party Party Time much better than Carnival Games. Party Party Time games were just funner and more diverse.

Party Party Time shares a lot of minigames with the Mario Party games: Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars. It isn’t near the level of graphics, animations, and menu screens of the Mario games. But it captures the essence of the Mario mini games. Some of the Party Party Time minigames are just as good.

The Party Party Time appearance and sounds really reminds me of Tsum Tsum Festival. Only, Party Party Time has a much wider variety of games. The co-op games in Party Party Time are much more forgiving than the ones in Tsum Tsum Festival.

Overall, I liked Party Party Time better than Tsum Tsum Festival. Curling could be fun if you didn’t waste so much time watching animations. Don’t even get me started about unlocking the same characters over and over.

Party Party Time doesn’t waste your time with a bunch of nonsense. Select your game and off you go. You want more skins? Just get the expansion pack. Done.

I found some of the games from Carnival Games frustrating. While others were redundant. Same game, different appearance. While some games from Party Party Time were redundant, there are so many to choose from it kept our interest.

Of all 68 games (with expansion pack), at least a dozen we considered our favorites. In our experience the majority were above average with the rest being average. There were only 5 or 6 duds.

Considering how many games you get for the price, I’m surprised there weren’t more winners. I was surprised by the amount of new games. Many are based on Youtube challenges or pop culture. Yet, turned out to be descent minigames.

Party Party Time robots

Pros and Cons

The good thing about Party Party Time is it’s inexpensive. The expansion packs are reasonable too.

The drawback is minigames get dull quickly. This is an issue for any minigame really. It’s fun at first but quickly loses it’s appeal. Party Party Time is no different.

I hate to say it but Carnival Games is the worst offender for this. Some were just plain boring and others frustrating. There wasn’t enough variety with Carnival Games. Many of the games were too similar underneath.

That Party Party Time has so many minigames is its only redeeming quality. Sure some were the same basic game with a different appearance. But there is enough variety to obscure it.

If you aren’t jumping or moving out of the way, then you’re probably shooting or attacking something to earn points or time.

A couple of racing games and plenty of shooting games are included too. Fishing and Math games are thrown in as well.

Party Party Time includes sports games such as baseball, basketball, soccer (football to the rest of the world), and boxing. There are puzzle games like Tetris only with a twist. You have to avoid being crushed by the falling pieces and climb to the top.

For minigames the co-op games were good. Not as frustrating as other co-op minigames.

Their choice of player vs player minigames is good too. Simple but fun.

We found there was a game for everyone. Meaning, nobody totally dominated every mini game. There were some games people were naturals at and easily won. Then other games it was a toss up every time.

I can’t say that about every party game I’ve played. Which is why I decided to write a review about such an obscure game.

Party Party Time fishing


Most minigame themed games suffer from burn out. Meaning, they either space out gameplay with lots of animations or include tons of games to distract from the simplicity of individual games.

Party Party Time includes a ton of games to hold you interest. Playing the same minigame ovor and over would lead to boredom. But the sheer number of games keeps it from losing interest.

While Party Party Time isn’t going to replace any of our most played games on our Switch anytime soon. It is good filler for those times you’re not sure what game to play and looking for something different.

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Party Party Time review

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