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We played all the levels in Moving Out so I wrote up this walkthrough. While there is a loose narrative ending in a final boss. It’s subtle. The first time we played to the end we didn’t put it together until the last level.

Playing Moving Out is more about having fun as opposed to intense gaming. Most levels are basically the same. You pick up items, carry them to a moving truck, then load them. You can throw smaller items. Larger items require two people to toss.

Along the way are obstacles, glass, fans, animals, fire, and lasers to name a few. You can take as much time as you need, but better times earn better medals. There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze times. Once you complete all 30 levels then you can compete for Platinum times.

Moving Out controls

Getting Started

After selecting your character and skin you start on the Packmore map. You control the moving truck. The top left and top right buttons can be used to select the level. Or you can just drive there plowing through traffic and cause mayhem.

You start with mandatory training to learn the basics and controls. Such as jumping, picking up items and throwing them. Don’t forget to slap everything, it’s an important skill to master. After you get through mandatory training you’re ready to start moving.

In settings, check “toggle grab” on in the controls menu. It will come in handy later. I found turning on the assist mode also makes life easier. The assist mode offers:

  • Longer time limits
  • Objects disappear on delivery
  • Skip level on fail
  • Lighter 2P items
  • “Moving in” auto snap

Longer time limits makes earning Gold and Platinum easier. Objects disappear on delivery saves you the hassle of arraigning every item on the truck.

Moving Out HQ

Moving Levels

Once everything is setup and the training is complete you can start moving. Here’s all the levels:

  1. Holly’s Home
  2. Pepperoni Palace
  3. The Hoop House
  4. Poolside Pad
  5. Jerry’s Apartment
  6. Casa de Cliff
  7. Summer Chalet
  8. 21 Slick Street
  9. Snottsberry Farm
  10. Packmore River
  11. The AAAAAH-tari Office
  12. Dread Manor
  13. Roundabout Mansion
  14. Obadiah’s Orchard
  15. Lenny’s Mansion
  16. Neighborhood Watch HQ
  17. Deserted Depot
  18. Sealed Storehouse
  19. Locked Lever Lab
  20. Flamethrower Factory
  21. The Chase
  22. The Floor is Guava
  23. Stairway to Melon
  24. Guava Run
  25. Satellite Base Alpha
  26. Revolution Station
  27. Guavatron
  28. Contraband Cluster
  29. Pack Rat Planet
  30. The Final Move?
Moving Out house

The levels get progressively harder. Adding hazards such as cars, ghosts, rakes, etc. Then with Lenny’s Mansion buttons are added. You need to place objects on the buttons to gain access to certain areas or make your path shorter.

The warehouse levels add conveyor belts, fire, saws, grinders, and switches. The switches open doors, turn off fire, or speed up conveyor belts. You need to time the belts speed and switching the fire to get items on the truck.

Packmore River and The Chase mix things up. They are a little different. Packmore River is like the classic 1980’s Atari game Frogger. You move items across the river by jumping or moving on floating logs and alligators.

The Chase has you jumping across moving cars onto a train. Then tossing items from the train to the truck. This level is notably harder than previous levels. Levels from this point on get a bit harder.

Moving Out space

Space Levels

While 3 levels are still on the ground in Packmore. All the levels after The Chase have the same 2001: A Space Odyssey theme. Everything is white. Odd white containers with green goo are added. Guava is now a hazard, similar to lava. Huge fans and moving platforms are also added.

For these levels patience is key. Taking risks results in swimming in the guava. The obstacle patterns are simple and easy to overcome if you take your time.

These levels tease the buildup to the final boss. Hints are dropped and *spoiler alert* the Rat King is the secret client *spoiler alert*. You don’t do head to head battle with the boss. Instead there are several stages of moving hazards.

Once you get everything loaded on the truck, the Rat King’s ship breaks apart and you win. There’s still one final item to move. You’ve been given the key to the city and need to get it on the truck while items rain down from the sky.

Moving Out final level

Bonus Material

After you complete the final level you can redo every level for Platinum times. For some reason Roundabout Mansion is harder to get the Platinum time than the other levels.

You also can do Moving In. All the levels are the same except you move items from the truck. In my experience placing the items is a bit frustrating. The auto snap in the assist mode really helps for the Moving In levels.

The Arcade

These levels put your moving skills to the test. Definitely harder than the main levels. Although some are easier than others. They are:

  • Fan Service
  • Spin or Alive
  • Rolling Start
  • Trick Shot
  • Topsy Turvy
  • VRogger
  • V vs R
  • Carouspikes
  • iSAW
  • Tight Rope

Set in a grid type environment, it’s more of an obstacle course than gathering items to a truck. You still need to deliver a box or item. However, there are many obstacles you need to overcome to get to the truck.

The assist mode helps some, but completing all the arcade levels is difficult.

Moving Out arcade

VHS Superstore

These levels are a bit more like the main levels. Each level is unique though. The VHS Superstore levels are:

  • The Luggage Rescue of ’84
  • The Packmore Small Business Soccer League Semi-Finals
  • The Boulder Dash
  • The Traffic Jam of ’82
  • The Haunted Labyrinth
  • The Legend of Rake Island
  • The Great Flood of ’83
  • Shredding Season
  • The Cash Box Incident
  • The Jam in Space
  • The Mysterious Client Caper Reveal
  • The Parade for the Greatest Moving Company in Packmore History

Instead of an obstacle type course, each level is an episode of Packmore history. You can play soccer and basketball. Plus the client reveal and parade levels can be replayed.

The Boulder Dash is hilarious fun. It may take a dozen or more tries to win but each attempt is funnier than the last. Rake Island is also goofy fun. Shredding Season and Cash Box Incident are notable entries too.

Moving Out parade


Playing Moving Out is loads of fun. The levels start off easy and gradually get harder. But if you take your time all the levels are doable.


How do you complete the Moving Out Game?

Finish all the levels. Then go back through all the levels and work on the achievements. Next, go through all the levels and work on getting platinum times. Finally, complete the Arcade and VHS Superstore levels. Once you do all this you have completed the game.

How many levels does Moving Out have?

There are 30 levels in Moving Out. The expansion pack has 13 levels.

How long does it take to complete Moving Out?

Each level averages 6 minutes plus load times, so completing all 30 levels takes 3½ hours. To get all the achievements and platinum times takes playing each level 2 or 3 times. Your should expect to spend 12 hours or more completing Moving Out.

What is the completion percentage in Moving Out?

Moving Out has a completion percentage of 205%. Hidden achievements include collecting all the Atari consoles, slapping all the mailboxes, and standing on all the toilets.

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Moving Out walkthrough

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