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After playing Moving Out for over 95 hours I think it qualifies as one of our favorite games. Moving Out is a simple game about moving furniture, boxes, and many items. It’s set in unusual houses, factories, and even in space.

Even though the game mechanics stay the same over 30 levels, many obstacles are added over the levels. Your agility, aim, and problem solving are put to the test as the levels gradually get harder.

The achievements in Moving Out range from easy to hard to hard to figure out. There’s no consistency. Keep trying to figure out problems, such as using a fridge to get to the trophy room instead of the buttons.

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Basic Mechanics

In the controls check the box for toggle grab. The game is much easier with this enabled. It can also save you from falling by clinging to an item. Even though you’re dangling off the edge jump still works.

When moving large items through a doorway keep wiggling the joystick. Jumping while holding on to items also helps get items unstuck.

In general, any large item should be picked up by the smallest end. Picking up large items at their widest point makes moving and throwing it much harder.

Larger items should be loaded first. However, they shouldn’t necessarily be moved first. Go inside and grab items closest to the truck first. Throw or leave smaller items near the truck for later.

If larger items are the first you encounter then grab and load them. Otherwise get the closest items first. Work your way toward the farthest point, in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Use the identify button frequently. Even if you aren’t near an item it prevents you from going toward empty areas.

After all the large items are loaded, load all the medium items such as tables, TV’s, etc. Lastly load all the small items. Jump and throw all the smaller items on top.

Moving Out controls

Helpful Advice

Ghost hack: On the AAAAAH-tari Office level keep slapping the ghost to push it on the elevator. Once there it won’t bother you anymore. Throwing the copier and water cooler to the lower level is faster than the elevator anyway.

Throw small boxes whenever you can. As players walk by with other items they’ll inadvertently push them closer to the truck. Two players moving larger items also drag smaller items closer.

Large items, such as beds, can be used to double up smaller items. Toss 1 or 2 smaller boxes on a bed then carry it all out to the truck.

You can flip items on their side or completely over to make moving or loading them easier. This takes some practice but is very useful throughout the game.

While standing next to a table, or any large item, keep spamming the grab and jump buttons. Once it starts to flip let it go but keep moving into the item. The item will flip as long as you don’t grab it.

When tables are flipped the legs won’t cling to door thresholds, stone walks, etc. This is how you move the odd shaped boxes on the factory levels. Instead of grabbing the box once its flipped, just keep walking into it to push it through the door.

This move also allows you to flip items out a window with 1 player. Get a bed near a window and keep spamming those buttons to get the bed started out the window. Then grab it and finish pushing it out the window.

This move is also good for loading the truck. If an item won’t fit just keep spamming the jump and grab buttons to push items higher and farther onto the truck.

How to Break Doors

Breaking down doors. They only break when pressed fully open. Slapping doors just results in being slapped back. Here’s three easy methods to break a door.

  1. Walking method. Push a door all the way open, move back a little, then immediately push it back all the way. If done right the second time the door is pressed fully open it breaks off.
  2. Break it as you move large items. Once more than halfway through the doorway with a bed or couch, keep pressing it against the door. The second or third wiggle breaks door off. A bed works best.
  3. Jump method. This takes practice but can knock doors off with 1 jump. Walk into the door to get it started moving then jump at it just before it’s fully open. You have to aim for the edge farthest from the hinges, plus time it so you’re at the highest point in your jump when the door is smashed fully open.
Moving Out space


Playing Moving Out is loads of fun. The levels start off easy and gradually get harder. But if you take your time all the levels are doable.


How do you complete the Moving Out Game?

Finish all the levels. Then go back through all the levels and work on the achievements. Next, go through all the levels and work on getting platinum times. Finally, complete the Arcade and VHS Superstore levels. Once you do all this you have completed the game.

How many levels does Moving Out have?

There are 30 levels in Moving Out. The expansion pack has 13 levels.

How long does it take to complete Moving Out?

Each level averages 6 minutes plus load times, so completing all 30 levels takes 3½ hours. To get all the achievements and platinum times takes playing each level 2 or 3 times. Your should expect to spend 12 hours or more completing Moving Out.

What is the completion percentage in Moving Out?

Moving Out has a completion percentage of 205%. Hidden achievements include collecting all the Atari consoles, slapping all the mailboxes, and standing on all the toilets.

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