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After playing Moving Out for over 95 hours I think it qualifies as one of our favorite games. Moving Out is a simple game about moving furniture, boxes, and many items. It’s set in unusual houses, factories, and even in space.

Even though the game mechanics stay the same over 30 levels, many obstacles are added over the levels. Your agility, aim, and problem solving are put to the test as the levels gradually get harder.


Getting all the achievements displays 205% complete. Every level has 3 achievements. Plus there is a hidden Atari console on every level which you can collect. Slapping every mailbox and standing on every toilet are hidden achievements.

Here’s the achievements on every level:

Holly’s Home

The one time breaking all windows is a good thing. Then you have to play it again without breaking any windows. Guess they couldn’t make up their mind.

Grab all the flamingos. While you’re at it get the Atari console.

Moving Out achievements pepperoni palace

Pepperoni Palace

Getting the soccer ball in the goal is easy enough. So is delivering the turtle. Not breaking the vase is hard if you deliver anything through the door next to it. Just deliver everything out the other door to avoid breaking the vase.

The Hoop House

Shooting some hoops isn’t as easy as it sounds. Stand on the hood of the car, line up your shot, then press jump and shoot without moving the joystick.

Get an item to block the back door before grabbing the box in front of the dog house in the back yard.

Leave all the windows in tact like any normal human would.

Poolside Pad

Not holding boxes for more than 3 seconds is enough to try anyone’s patience. Just be sure to stop moving before setting down the fragile boxes. You can also push smaller items without picking them up.

You may have to play this level twice to get every achievement. Such as keeping everything out of the pool one try. Then jumping over the pool. You can jump on the small ledge on the right side of the pool. Or move the bed partially in the pool to close the distance you need to jump.

Moving Out achievements poolside pad

Jerry’s Apartment

Not breaking glass again. Plus not breaking anything else this time. You can throw fragile boxes onto the truck. They transform into loaded items before hitting the ground.

The only other thing you have to do is put the flamingo to the bathtub.

Casa de Cliff

Slap the mailbox near the tiny red door to let the goose out.

Then you have to jump up the grass ledges and a/c unit to avoid the stairs. Breaking windows makes up for the inconvenience of not using the stairs.

Summer Chalet

Another achievement that requires playing the level twice. Once by jumping up the snow bank. Another by avoiding the snow bank.

Instead of riding the snowboard you just have to carry it and let your character slide down the snow.

21 Slick Street

Avoid being hit by a car or touching the oil. Also break all the trophy cases above the garage.

Snottsberry Farm

Walk through every nest. A few are hard to see under the wood framing but they’re there. Avoiding the rakes takes patience. Then gather all the animals into the large pen in the rear.

Packmore River

Stand on a crocodile as it crosses the map. Don’t get hit by just any car, look for a car with a coffee cup. You have to lure the frog to the other side since you can’t pick it up.

The AAAAAH-tari Office

This is by far the hardest level to not break any windows. You have to play this level twice. Once for speed and the other for patience. Move the Arcade game in the office first. If you have to restart, that’s the most likely item to break glass.

The game developers are from Australia. It should read, put the copier in the elevator. Also the trolley, aka cart, is hard to spot at the dead end hall near bottom of the screen. It’s between the big office and large conference room. An Atari console is under the cart too.

Moving Out achievements atari office

Dread Manor

Slapping is part of this game. Don’t make an exception for the ghost. Grab the head of the knight in the foyer and put it on the truck. Finally, knock all the artwork from the walls. Don’t miss the artwork on the left wall.

Roundabout Mansion

Hopping across the pond near the truck saves time as well. Not messing up any artwork is hard on this level, especially when moving the beds. Take alternate paths or throw them out the windows. Lastly, avoid getting hugged by either ghost.

Obadiah’s Orchard

Don’t get hit by any rakes. Don’t break any fragile items. Then jump on the turtles that pop up in the river near the truck.

Moving Out achievements obadiah orchard

Lenny’s Mansion

There’s a striped chair and light purple bucket on the short dock to the right. Get rid of them. Don’t press any buttons by walking on them or letting anything touch them.

Getting up to the trophy case requires moving the fridge in front of the lowest bookcase. Then jumping on the bookcase, the fridge, the tall bookcase and finally up to the trophy room.

Neighborhood Watch HQ

Once you get inside the garage door let it close behind you. Because once you get to the building in the rear two chickens immediately make a run for the grass. Don’t move the item on the button otherwise it opens a small door to let the chickens out.

Carry a chicken to the giant floor fan and take a ride with it. Let it go mid air. Then deliver the chickens. Once delivered you can open up any doors.

The weird secret is the rat on the bulletin board to the left as you enter the rear building. Slap or knock down all the papers to reveal the weird secret.

Deserted Depot

These achievements are self explanatory. You have to play this level twice to get the achievements. Be careful knocking down the stacked items. They can easily fall on to the conveyor belt. Or get hit by a floor saw and respawn on the conveyor belt.

Sealed Storehouse

Get a workout by running on the big conveyor belt until the achievement is awarded. Delivering all the small crates first is self explanatory.

While you can go through any doors, don’t take any items through the doors.

Locked Lever Lab

Smash all the windows is simple enough. So is only using the levers two times. Taking the couch outside isn’t.

In order to take the couch outside you have to flip it on its side. Get the couch pinned in the doorway. Then keep spamming the jump and grab buttons to lift the couch.

Once it starts flipping, let go and walk into it to finish flipping the couch on its side. Then repeatedly walk into the couch to push it outside. Grabbing the couch turns it flat again.

Flamethrower Factory

Get the crates on the conveyor belt before they reach the grinder. Stand on the ramp just before the grinder to grab boxes without walking on the conveyor belt.

Finally, toss the couch on the conveyor belt.

The Chase

Don’t fall off the train. To complete the gaming area, grab the white gaming console in the first car. Then take it with you and set it next to the TV on the last car.

Sending a message with a Gnome requires good timing. Grab the gnome from the third car. Then in the same car, go to the window opposite the road. When you see the telephone wires throw the gnome. It should land on the radio tower.

Moving Out achievements the chase

The Floor is Guava

Take your time so no items fall in the guava. Next, don’t stand on the blue platforms to the right. Finally, ride on the giant rotating barrel in the guava until the achievement is awarded.

Stairway to Melon

Take the right path to find the shower and pipe. Stand under the shower until the achievement is awarded. Then throw an item or yourself into the large pipe sticking out of the guava.

Be sure to break all the glass. The small glass on the handrails along the platforms are easy to miss.

Guava Run

You have to play this level twice to get all the achievements. Don’t fall in the guava. Then get the Atari console hidden behind the truck and throw it at the long metal thing that goes in and out.

The next time stand in front of the long metal thing that goes in and out. Stand just over the line on the floor for a better chance of success.

Satellite Base Alpha

Getting delivered with other players is easy. If you’re solo then you have to get one of the big green tubes to trigger the button while you stand above the truck.

Jumping over the fire takes some practice. Delivering each item separately takes a lot of time.

Revolution Station

Crush an item is easy. Delivering everything via the left door is easy too.

Don’t touch the moving walls isn’t as straightforward. It’s fine if an item touches a moving wall, just don’t you touch any moving walls.

Moving Out achievements revolution station


Not using the levers means delivering items takes more time. Deliver the sheep near the top of the map.

Boxes need thrown from one platform to another. You’ll need to run and jump, sacrificing yourself to get the boxes across.

Contraband Cluster

The middle fan is useful, but avoid it if you want the achievement. Not using the levers is also a pain but possible. Use the fan near the truck to float for 10 seconds.

Pack Rat Planet

Similar to the basketball shot in The Hoop House. Aim, jump, then throw the ball in the hoop. Then stand on the toilet until the achievement is awarded. Lastly, put the copier on the spinning platform once you’ve disabled the fire.

The Final Move?

When junk starts falling from the sky, immediately head for the bottom right area in the grass. You’ll get squished by the outhouse. Then throw anything at the Rat King. Use the Atari console if you’re playing solo.

Surviving the flaming fists for 30 seconds is easier if you avoid the middle. Stay close to the top or bottom of the grassy area. Don’t leave the grassy area or the timer is reset.

Moving Out achievements final move


Playing Moving Out is loads of fun. Some achievements are easier than others. But if you take your time all the achievements are attainable.


What are the bonus objectives in Moving Out the chase?

The hardest objective is sending a message with a gnome. In the 3rd train car at the top corner is a garden gnome. Pick it up and take it to the window on the right side. When you see the power lines, throw the gnome. It has to land next to the radio tower.
You complete the gaming area by bringing the white gaming console from the first train car to the final train car. Of course, don’t fall off the train.

How many levels are there in Moving Out?

There are 30 levels and 90 achievements in Moving Out.

How do you ride the turtle in Moving Out?

If you want to ride the turtle in Moving Out then play Obadiah’s Orchard. In the river near the truck turtles pop up. Jump and land on them to get the achievement ride the turtles.

What is the Moving Out employee of the month pack?

It adds 4 new characters you can play as.

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