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Moving Out is in our library of 4 player Nintendo Switch games. We enjoy 4 player co-op couch games. Moving Out is near the top of our list of most played games. So is Moving Out 2.

Basically, you play as movers in Moving Out. The goal is to load furniture, boxes, and appliances on a moving truck. There isn’t a time limit but you get more stars for quicker times.

In Packmore city you’ll be loading up the moving truck at 30 locations. There are unusual houses, weird factories, and even places in outer space. While there is a loose narrative culminating in a final boss. The story line is subtle and the boss level just adds a twist to regular level.

All the corny jokes and 80’s theme make this game endearing. It’s a very fun game considering the premise is just moving items from point A to B.

Along the way players need to jump, toss items, and time their movements to be successful. Ghosts, animals, and vines hinder players as well as many occupational hazards. Players need to avoid being ground up, burned up, crushed, drowned, or run over. Everything is G rated and non-violent.

Players get unlimited lives so it’s about having fun instead of intense gaming. The graphics are adequate for this game. You don’t need high definition graphics for moving a couch or TV.

The sounds are well done too. The glass shattering, farting, and slapping never get old. The music and appearance is inspired by the 1980’s. The Arcade mode is also influenced by the 1980’s.

The Arcade and VHS Superstore modes are great add-ons. More challenging than the main game for sure, but worthy additions. Instead of a user manual there is a quick training level to teach you the basics.

Additional characters and skins can be unlocked. Packmore Island is an expansion pack that adds another 13 levels and 39 achievements.

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Why This Game?

If you’ve ever moved before you’ll appreciate the chaos in Moving Out. From dodging cars to throwing everything out 2nd story windows, this is moving at its finest. Breaking TV’s or ripping power cords from refrigerators are nice details.

If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer Switch game to play with friends Moving Out is an ideal choice. It offers co-op action for multiple players but it’s also good as a solo game.

If you’re looking for player vs player competition this isn’t the game for you. There isn’t any shooting or fighting. Mostly, Moving Out is full of obstacles and problem solving.

Many levels involve simple puzzle type barriers with multiple solutions if you’re creative. You work out ways to reach boxes, move items more efficiently, or avoid losing them altogether.

If you like games that aren’t too difficult or appealing to younger players Moving Out is a good option. We found the assist mode helped reduce the difficulty with the timers, loading the truck, and moving heavier items. Having the items disappear on the truck and being able to lift heavier items without 2 players really helped.

We tested Moving Out with 1 player, 2 players, 3 players, and 4 players. It was surprisingly well balanced. Some multiplayer games suffer from wildly different levels of difficulty depending on whether there are an even or odd number of players.

Moving Out 4 players

Comparable Games

In my experience Moving Out shares elements with other 4 player Switch games such as Out of Space, Overcooked, Very Very Valet, Lumberhill, Tools Up, Home Sheep Home (Shawn the Sheep), and Totally Reliable Delivery. I enjoy Moving Out better than those games with the exception of Out of Space. That game is my favorite.

Moving Out isn’t as challenging as Overcooked, Lumberhill, or Tools Up. Primarily due to the simplicity of Moving Out. You don’t need to perform complicated tasks or fight the clock. It also isn’t as dependent on working in synchronization as the other games.

You need to work quickly and occasionally work together for some items. However, it’s more like the goofy fun of Totally Reliable Delivery and Very Very Valet.

It doesn’t have near the level of problem solving as Home Sheep Home. Still, Moving Out does have players working out ways to get to boxes, move them, or avoid being destroyed.

My two favorite games are Out of Space and Moving Out. They don’t have much in common except the graphics look like they were made with the same engine. Both are simple games but Moving Out is laid back. While Out of Space requires your full attention.

Moving Out soccer
Moving Out arcade

Pros and Cons

Moving Out has simple controls and gameplay. I didn’t have any problems with either the controls nor the mechanics of the game. When games just work as they should, it’s easily overlooked. I have no complaints about the jumping, throwing, picking up items, or game physics.

Many items are unwieldy to move but that’s intentional. Such as table legs sticking on stone walkways. The physics of moving awkward shaped or top heavy items was good. Almost too good.

The only drawback I found is some of the hazards are sensitive. Meaning even if you think you have enough clearance, chances are the fire, guava, lasers, or grinders would still get you. This was minor and easy to work around.

A benefit is the assist mode. I don’t understand the amount of timer based games that lack a way to adjust the timer. It’s like playing a first person shooter that has only one mode: extremely hard.

Moving Out even says if you aren’t having fun then turn on the assist mode. That’s what it’s there for. Packing the truck is like Tetris, if you aren’t good at that the assist mode eliminates packing the truck.

If you like to goof off, see how much damage you can do, or just can’t stop slapping everything the assist mode gives you more time to have fun.

Speaking of fun… Rake Island, Cash Box Incident, and Boulder Dash. They’re levels in the VHS Superstore. Definitely some of the most entertaining bonus material I’ve ever seen in a game.

Moving Out house


Moving Out is a fun and easy couch game. Multiple players or solo, it offers loads of fun. Whether it’s loading the moving truck or the add-on games, there’s never a dull moment.

Some games are designed from the ground up to be challenging. Moving Out is designed from the ground up to be fun. Each level offers enough variance to keep the whole game fresh. New problems, hazards, animals, and locations are periodically being introduced.

After playing Moving Out I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a lighthearted fun Switch game.

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