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We’ve been playing Moving Out 2 since it came out in August. During this time we’ve discovered some tips and tricks. While most of the tips and tricks from Moving Out 1 don’t port to the new version. There are enough new ones to keep us busy.

In Moving Out 2 there are many different levels with various types of play. Ranging from moving out to moving in. Plus many arcade game type levels. Here’s everything we’ve learned so far.

These tricks can be done throughout the game on any level. The first one we call Jane magic after it’s discoverer. We were playing Watt’s House and saw this happen:

Jump the Gap Trick

We wondered how she did that but she just giggled and said she didn’t know. After several attempts of falling off the edge, we finally found out the trick: spam the crap out of the jump button.

We found you can defy gravity and logic with this trick. Run across the gap while repeatedly mashing the jump button and you too can defy gravity.

Doing Watt’s House with this trick eliminates the need to use the battery for the bridge. Solo playing Watt’s House with this trick is much easier since you don’t have to mess with the battery.

In my experience, I got the achievement for bringing the batteries without racing across the bridge before it returns. I just took out the battery and ran across the gaps.

We tried this trick in Moving Out 1 and it didn’t work. So this is a new trick in Moving Out 2.

Speaking of the jump button, did you know it can be used for several other applications? Such as getting items up on a bed. Or throwing items.

Stack Trick

The next trick we found was similar to a trick in Moving Out 1. By spamming the jump button we could stack items higher on the truck. But in Moving Out 2 you can lift one item on top of another with this method.

In the Treetop Train Town level you can use this trick to load many items on the train. Load the beds first then drag a TV onto the carriage next to the bed. Then move the TV onto the bed while spamming the jump button.

You can load two TV’s per bed this way. We also found you can load toilets this way too!

You’ll need a small box for this trick. Drop a small box next to the bed but not on it. Then use the same method for getting TV’s on the bed, only start with getting on the box. Once on top of the small box you can stair step up to the bed.

This trick works on any level there’s a bed. Load up a few items on the bed then take the bed. It saves a couple trips. In my experience in makes the difference between getting the pro times or not.

Throw Trick

The next trick with the jump button really defies gravity. It the Cranky Gardens level one of the achievements is to not use the crank platform. Instead you have to bounce every item across by using the umbrella and the fan between the top two platforms.

Which is fine with multiplayers, but seemingly impossible on solo. The smaller items can be thrown but larger items require two players to throw. Or do they? Watch this:

No photoshop or hacking going on here. We found if you get spinning and head off the edge while mashing the jump button you can reach the umbrella with large items. The tricky part is letting go just as the item lands on the umbrella.

In our experience, you could hold on to the items to get across the fan. However, if you hold on to an item it doesn’t bounce on the umbrella.

You can use the spin trick on many other levels. In the Sort-N-Sweet level you can toss items into the chute by spinning and releasing at the right time. It works in Middle Folkmore where you need to throw items into a portal too.

Climb Trick

The other trick we came across is on the Penny’s Portal Palace level. If you look close one of the items is a ladder. We found you can jump on top of it and get up to the level above you. You can also use any item to climb to the level above the truck on this level.

Still, this trick works on any level. If you need to get up or over, stack items near the obstacle. Then keep jumping on the pile until you get over the wall or obstacle in your way.

We found climbing on top of items also works to jump across large gaps. Push a bed or couch over the edge a bit, climb on top of it and jump across larger gaps.

To recap, the tricks we’ve identified so far are:

  • Jump the gap
  • Stack
  • Throw
  • Climb

Middle Folkmore Tips

On Penny’s Portal Palace there are several platforms you can jump across. However, there’s a trick to jumping across. We found you have to jump from the middle or else you won’t make it.

Divide the edge of the platform you’re on in half for a reference point. Then jump from that mark. Any closer and the corner pushes you away mid jump. Any farther and it’s too far to jump.

See the example below:


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