The Void

Getting all the achievements in Moving Out 2 takes some time. Many levels need played more than once. Since the game is so fun I don’t mind. This is all the objectives in The Void. Packmore, Snackmore, Middle Folkmore, and Pactropolis City achievements are in other posts.

Trained for This

Trained for This
  • Only drive the train clockwise
  • Fit every box in one carriage
  • Take the flamingos back home to Packmore

The objectives require you to only use the top car to drive the train clockwise. Load up the boxes from the first platform then drive around to the other 3 platforms and place every box in one carriage.

There are 2 flamingos at every platform for a total of 8 flamingos. Each platform send items to different worlds. The refrigerators go to Snackmore, the toilets go to Middle Folkmore, the chairs go to Pactropolis city. They starting platform where the boxes get delivered sends items back to Packmore.

To get pro times load up as many items as you can, sorting them as you go around. Avoid dropping any off the edge or delivering them to the wrong portal.

Between each platform is a narrow walkway. Slap the electrical panel twice. Once to open it, another time to short circuit it. Do the electrical panel on the right, then left, then up and it stops the electrical barrier at the bottom. Then you can get the game cartridge.

Palm Palace

Palm Palace
  • Deliver an item using the fountain
  • Don’t get hit by the bumper drones
  • Don’t use the fountain

Above the crank for the bridge is an aquarium. Slap the electrical panel between the bushes to start the fountain. Then go upstairs and drop items in the fountain. They land in the truck.

There are bumper drones on the left and right. Use the crank to move the bridge then move items across the bridge while avoiding being hit by the drones.

You’ll need to play this level twice to get all the objectives. Once using the fountain and another time not using the fountain. To get a pro time use the fountain, it saves time.

The Floor is Void

The Floor is Void
  • Destroy all computers
  • Don’t fall through the floor
  • Deliver snacks to the offices

There are 7 computers total. Throw all of them in the void to destroy them. There are 4 in the lower right office. Two in the middle office and one it the top office.

Don’t fall through the floor is straightforward. I found just moving from one room to another and not taking risks got this achievement. The largest gap is the top office to the middle hallway. There is a small pillar near the top office you can jump on to avoid falling through the floor.

Deliver the chicken and ham to every office. We delivered them to every room just to be sure.

Getting a pro time involves not losing items. We found it’s best to not take chances and stop at the hallway. There’s a hidden passage above the large gaming console. A game cartridge is found in the hallway. Slap the gingerbread man.

Slidey High

Slidey High
  • Deliver the soccer table first
  • Don’t break any windows
  • Complete the level without using the sliding door

Delivering the soccer table first involves sliding all the interior walls around to get to the table. Then deliver it through the one-way door being careful to not break the window.

There are only two windows along the back wall. Delivering the soccer table is the only difficult item. We didn’t have any problems avoiding the windows otherwise.

Not using the blue sliding door was inconvenient but otherwise an easy objective.

Getting a pro time involved clearing out one section before moving the sliding walls.

The Candy Zone

The Candy Zone
  • Take 4 items to end zone without delivering them
  • Don’t die
  • Run through the course backwards

Once you get the timing down this isn’t as hard as it looks. Jumping is faster than walking. Tapping the joycon keeps you in place on the conveyor belt when moving backward or forward would get you killed.

The spiked walls are harder than the first part. Don’t start on the conveyor belt until a wall collapses. Start by jumping over a spiked row whenever possible, it’s easier that way.

Take 4 items to the end and use the zip lines on either side to get back. Don’t die and deliver 16 items.

Play the level again to run through the course backwards. When going for a pro score use the jump to get past the first part quickly. We just walked normally the second part.

If you have multiple players then you can divide up the tasks. We left one player at the beginning platform, two at the second platform, an a third going back and forth.

The first player was fast enough to keep the other two supplied with boxes. They were faster since they could jump and throw items to the second platform.

Two players just walked through the doorways. The last player went back and forth depending on the supply of items. Since they could jump leave one at the first platform while two stay at the second half, and one goes back and forth. The first player jumped through the first part and threw boxes.

Bounce Bungalow

Bounce Bungalow
  • Don’t bring any items through the one-way doors
  • Deliver an item using the central bumper
  • Get friendly with every bumper

We slapped players across the gap to access the rooms with the one way doors. Once there we threw items across instead of using the one way doors. Then slapped or bounced on the bumpers to cross the gap.

The central bumper is the large spinning one near the truck. Strategically place an item to get knocked on the truck. Run into every bumper to get the friendly achievement. Even the cycindrical bumpers.

Getting a pro time involved using the one way doors for the larger items but throwing the smaller ones.

End Zone

There isn’t a timer or any objectives for this level. They are blocked out and say confidential. Just work through as fast as you can.


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