Style Crate

There are 13 style crates in Moving Out 2. Some are hidden on the map while others are located in the levels. Here’s a breakdown of where they are located,

  • Packmore has 1 style crate, 2 arcade games, and 4 character crates.
  • Snackmore has 4 style crates, 1 arcade game, and 3 character crates.
  • Middle Folkmore has 3 style crates, 1 arcade game, and 5 character crates.
  • Pactropolis City has 4 style and crates7 character crates.
  • The Void has 1 style crate and 3 arcade games.

While there are 19 character crates, they already come with extra styles. These crates add styles to the standard characters that come with the game.

Packmore Location

In 742 Evergoose Terrace the style crate is located on the patio at the top right. Just past tho door on the right is extra styles for the character Waves.

Waves style crate

Snackmore Locations

Once in Snackmore head left to the peppermint candy spinning in the middle of the path. Head straight below the spinning candy and to the left you’ll see a style crate. It has extra styles for Scoops the ice cream.

Scoops Style Crate

The next crate is found in Cake Cargo Chaos level. When you start it’s at the bottom right of the right platform. It’s the style crate for Kern the corn, popcorn, and purple corn.

Kern style crate

In Chocolate Streams is another style crate. It’s above the door near the jelly drops sign on the middle right platform. Slap the door twice to get the crate. It has style’s for Steve the alligator.

Steve Style Crate

In Ginger’s Homestead level is another crate in Snackmore. Go to the top near the gingerbread house. Behind the cookie tree on the left is the style crate. Smash the cookie tree to get it. It has styles for Marie the snowperson.

Marie Style Crate

Middle Folkmore Locations

As soon as you enter Middle Folkmore head up and cross the bridge to the left of the egg. Hidden behind the tree above you is a style crate. It has styles for Toadie the frog prince.

Toadie Style Crate

The next crate is found in Sir Pent’s Library. You have to go out the door at the top right. There’s a balcony and to the right is the crate. It has style’s for Wormsworth the apple, onion, and watermelon.

Wormsworth style crate

The last style crate in Middle Folkmore is in the Gassy Grove. It’s the level between the giants feet. Use the fans to get to the top most platform. On the right is a crate with styles for Umm the cauldron.

Umm style crate

Pactropolis City Locations

There are 4 crates in Pactropolis City. The first is in the Cloudy Labs level on the right. Go up through the round room. Go up and left then navigate your way to the leftmost room.

There’s some clouds there that can’t be sucked up. Hold the grab button and walk around in the clouds until you get the style crate. It has styles for Nim the cloud.

Nim Style Crate

The next crate is in the Stay Positive level. On the left is a waterfall hidden inside is the style crate. It contains the styles for Naka the cassette tape.

Naka Style Crate

The next crate is in the CHRG Labs level. On the right half, in the middle room is the crate. You have to use all 3 batteries to access this room. Once you get inside, it’s behind the potted plant in the top corner. It has styles for Lacey the shoe.

Lacey Style Crate

The next crate is on the right in the second ring of the map. Above Cloudy Labs, hidden behind a sign you can break is the crate. Styles for the Goldfish are found in this crate.

Goldie Style Crate

The Void Locations

In Palm Palace is a style crate. It’s in the bottom left room, in the bottom left corner. There’s 2 pink boxes and 1 blue box hiding the crate. It has styles for Ally N the alien.

Ally N style crate

List of Style Crates

  • Waves the radio. Packmore in 742 Evergoose Terrace level.
  • Scoops the ice cream. Snackmore bottom left of main map.
  • Kern the corn. Snackmore Cake Cargo Chaos level.
  • Steve the alligator. Snackmore Chocolate Streams level.
  • Marie the snowperson. Snacmore Ginger’s Homestead.
  • Toadie the frog prince. Middle Folkmore main map above egg.
  • Wormsworth the apple. Middle Folkmore Sir Pent’s Library.
  • Umm the cauldron. Middle Folkmore Gassy Grove level.
  • Nim the cloud. Pactropolis City Cloudy Labs level.
  • Naka the cassette tape. Pactropolis City Stay Positive level.
  • Lacey the shoe. Pactropolis City CHRG Labs level.
  • Goldie the goldfish. Pactropolis City main map to the right.
  • Ally N the alien. The Void Palm Palace level.


Where is the style crate for Goldie the goldfish?

In Pactropolis City on the right, above Cloudy Labs level is a billboard. Break the billboard to see the style crate hidden behind it.

Why are there only 13 style crates in Moving Out 2?

Because the character crates already come with styles. Only the built in characters need extra styles.

Where is the style crate in Stay Positive level for Moving Out 2?

Hidden in the waterfall.

How to find the Style Crate in Ginger’s Homestead in Moving Out 2?

Smash the cookie tree near the gingerbread house to find the style crate hidden behind it.

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