Pactropolis city

Getting all the achievements in Moving Out 2 takes some time. Many levels need played more than once. Since the game is so fun I don’t mind. This is all the objectives in Pactropolis City. Pacmore, Snackmore, Middle Folkmore, and The Void achievements are in other posts.

The Strato Tower

The Strato Tower
  • Uncover all the vents
  • Complete without using the vacuums
  • Restart the idle turbine

There are 4 vents that need uncovered, one in each corner room of the house. Two are covered by potted trees while the other two are covered by couches.

Complete without using the vacuums is rough but can be done. Keep hitting the item button periodically. It helps to see where items are and make sure you haven’t dropped anything.

Restarting the turbine is done with a vacuum. Head to the top corner with one and aim it at the turbines until they start.

In order to get a pro time I delivered the tall potted trees via the red door on the left. Stay in one area with the vacuums until all the items are moved. Then move to another area.

The Twilight Drone

The Twilight Drone
  • Don’t let anything fall into the water
  • Take the flamingo to every island
  • Deliver all the flamingos

It takes patience, but don’t let anything fall into the water. Throw and catch the items from island to island. There are 2 flamingos. One on the bottom island and one on the top island. Take one to each island before delivering both.

To get a pro time jump and throw items from the top island to the one with the truck. Players can jump between the bottom island and middle island if they’re holding a box.

Cloudy Labs

Cloudy Labs
  • Complete the move without throwing
  • Complete the move without using vacuums
  • Smash all the glass

All of these achievements are straightforward enough. I found moving the items blocking the 4 vents helps when you don’t use the vacuums. In my experience the glass along the trap doors on the walkway is easy to miss.

Getting a pro time involves moving slowly along the walkways. Falling off and starting over eats up more time than moving slowly. The walkways with the trap doors are close enough to jump between them. You can move from the walkway with 3 trap doors down to the truck. When it makes sense take the shortcut.

Watt’s House

Watt's House
  • Batteries are included
  • Don’t let a battery eject
  • Put the battery in both ways for all sockets

Deliver the batteries to get the batteries are included achievement. This can be done by throwing the battery across. Or if you’re playing solo then you can cheese it. Run across the gap while spamming the jump button. You’ll defy the laws of physics and cross the gap.

When all the green fluid drains from the battery it will eject itself. Take it out before that happens.

Putting in a battery with the purple and orange terminals matching uses the battery. Placing the battery in the opposite way charges it. Do this at all 3 socket.

Getting pro times involves efficient use of the battery. Start in the farthest socket. When all the items are gathered, move to the next socket, and so on. Throw items across or use the jump hack. If you mash the jump button hard enough you can cross the gap with the bed.

Stay Positive

Stay Positive
  • Power both fans at the same time
  • High five the toilet robot
  • Ride the robot vacuum that shall remain nameless for legal reasons

To power the fans, place the purple terminal to the left in the left socket. Then jump up the steps to place the other battery in the right socket with the purple end toward the right.

Access the bathroom by moving the bookcase to the right of the truck. Slap the robot in there. There’s a small flat robot moving around the grass. Jump the vacuum robot and ride it around for a few seconds for that achievement.

To get better times make efficient use of the batteries. You can’t throw items on the path you use to get back to the batteries.

The Pool House

The Pool House
  • I believe I can fly!
  • Deliver 4 items without touching them
  • Deliver an item with the golf machine

We jumped off the platform near the waterfall to get the I can fly achievement. But you can jump off anywhere.

Delivering 4 items without touching them involves using the robot in the round room. Slap the red screen to start it. Then pick it up and set it down in front of a small box. Don’t let the item brush up against you!

The golf machine is at the top corner. Set an item on the red tee, then slap the meter when it’s in the green. I found pushing the button just before the pointer leaves the red scale lands it in the green every time.

For better delivery times make use of the delivery robot and golf machine. The robot can’t pick up fragile or heavy items.

Drone Alone

Drone alone
  • Knock the vase into the truck without grabbing it
  • Smash all the screens
  • Don’t break any fragile boxes

Use the wrecking ball robot to hit the vase dead center to get it into the truck. There are 3 blue screens you can smash with the wrecking ball robot. I didn’t break the large yellow screen and still got the achievement.

There are two fragile boxes, the vase, and the thing with the red top. I delivered them without breaking them to get the achievement.

Getting pro times involved getting everything in the courtyard, then focusing on keeping the bridge down. We found placing items on the bridge didn’t work so well. When the bridge lifted some items usually fell off the bridge.

The Dronies

The Dronies
  • Swap pot plants
  • Knock the flamingos off their perch
  • Turn off the screens

There is a pot plant in the far right room with a white bed. Swap it with the large pot plant in the topmost room near the red bed.

There are 3 flamingos under glass domes. One is to the right of the truck. Another is to the left of the joystick that controls the robots. The last one is between the two bedrooms.

To open the glass dome activate the red switches. One is to the right of the truck, the other is near the red bed, and the last is in the small room on the right platform.

Once the glass dome is opened you can use the robot to knock the flamingos from their perch. If you want to waste time stacking stuff up you can also get to the flamingos that way.

Getting a pro time isn’t easy on this level. Activate the red button near the truck then get a ride from a robot to the right platform. Trigger the red button in the small room then smash the red door.

Gather everything from the right platform near the bridge. Stack a box or two on the white bed. Once everything is there, bump the bridge with the robot, then move everything across.

Hit the bridge again if you have to but then move the robot over to left platform. Smash the blue door to the upstairs and leave the robot there.

Use the other robot to get in the left platform. Use the red bed or bookcase to trigger the red button. Move everything in the truck and you should get a pro time.


CHRG labs
  • Put all the pot plants onto the outdoor balcony
  • Deliver the flamingo first
  • Don’t forget the batteries

There are 6 pot plants of different sizes that go on the outdoor balcony. The outdoor balcony is at the top corner. You have to rotate the door twice to get the large pot plant through the round room.

The flamingo needs delivered first. Also, deliver the batteries next to last.

Get a pro time by clearing out one section before moving to the next. Going back costs a lot of time.

B 8 2 Reez

B 8 2 Reez
  • Don’t smash the TV
  • Reveal the flamingo
  • Start up the bellow

Don’t smash the TV near the top corner. Reveal the flamingo by rotating the glass dome thing with a plant inside. It’s near the middle toward the top. Go to the back, grab the knob and pull it to the front.

Start up the bellow by placing the battery in the hidden socket. It’s found on the far right corner partially covered by grass.

Get a pro time by memorizing the battery placement pattern. The quicker you are at swapping the batteries, the better time you’ll get.

Cranky Gardens

Cranky Gardens
  • Don’t carry any movables across crank platform
  • Deliver all plants first
  • Don’t let any movables fall off the edge

Not carrying any movables across the crank platform involves using the umbrella to bounce everything to the truck. There’s also a fan between the two upper platforms.

We found it worked best if two players stayed at the top right platform and two players stayed at the top left platform. We had to get close to the edge to bounce items off the umbrella. While we had to stand back about halfway between the edge and center to use the fan between the two platforms.

Once all the items from the top three platforms were sent, we then moved to the bottom two platforms. It takes a lot of time to do this achievement.

We delivered all the plants first. Then we delivered the curved planter boxes just to be sure. Then everything else.

Not letting any movables fall off the edge also includes the piles of poop. Be careful picking up items because they can launch bump other items off.

Getting a pro time also involved not letting items fall off the edge. Only this time we weren’t careful about knocking other items off.

Gravatron Garden

Gravatron Garden
  • Deliver stretchy power cables first
  • Only spin crank in CCW direction
  • Don’t get hit by the bouncy drones

There are 4 yellow stretchy cables, deliver those first. Spin the crank in a counter clockwise direction. This isn’t as forgiving as the bookcase on the Library level in Middle Folkmore. If the crank spins slightly in the other direction you won’t get the achievement. Don’t get hit by the two yellow bouncy drones.

Getting faster times involves not making two trips to any platform. Get every item the first time the platforms line up. Don’t let items fall off the center platform with the crank or you’ll waste time going back for them.

The Sushi Gardens

The Sushi Gardens
  • Ride the fountain
  • Don’t break any windows
  • Don’t use the pond platform

One of the moving platforms has a fountain in the middle. Jump on it to ride the fountain. Not breaking any windows takes patience. You have to break the greenish glass on either side to travel across.

Don’t use the pond platform. It’s the round one with the round walkway in the middle. The S shaped platform looks like a pond but is fine to use.

Getting faster times involves total disregard for the glass or the pond platform. Throw whatever items you can across. Use the fountain platform whenever you can.

Indiana Drones

Indiana Drones
  • Smash all the globes
  • Don’t break more than 32 pillars
  • Leave no pillar standing

There are 6 globes that line the outer wall. After you smash one another pops up. Smash them all. Breaking less than 32 pillars involves not breaking any on the bottom path.

Use the green joystick to smash a path to the truck. When you grab the purple joystick the purple door opens. Take the items through the room with the green joystick, then through the path you smashed on top.

Leave no pillar standing is obvious. Smash every pillar! Some smaller pillars pop up but they don’t count. This is a good time to go for a pro time.

Slap the electrified post to get it to temporarily go away. Standing on some buttons makes things pop up or down.

Cloudy Catalog Conundrum

Cloudy Catalog Conundrum
  • Complete move using the vacuum only once
  • Don’t deliver any incorrect items
  • Score 3 items in under 3 seconds

Grab the joystick one time and let it go. We found you can complete the level without the joystick. Just use the item button to see the items.

Some items have different shapes. Delivering just a few items worked in our experience. We focused on keeping the ladybugs from delivering themselves in the wrong slot.

Scoring 3 items in under 3 seconds involved piling up items near the delivery slot. Then shoving as many items as we could in the slots.

This level isn’t timed and requires points for a pro score. As long as you pay attention to the icon on each item getting a pro score isn’t hard.

Turbulent Towers

Turbulent Towers
  • Trigger all the traps
  • Ride the vent
  • Don’t trigger any traps

Triggering all 8 traps is easy enough. We did it without meaning to the first time we played.

The vent is on the bottom middle. Pile up a bench, flower box, or other item under the vent. Then jump on top of the vent and stay on when it opens

Not triggering any traps is hard. Go past when they’re green, avoid them when they’re red. They turn light red before being active so get away fast when you see light red. The small orange light near the walkways warns when the main fan is turning on.

Getting pro times is just a matter of not being blown off the map. Check the orange light before entering the middle platform. As long as you keep busy you can get the objectives.


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