Getting all the achievements in Moving Out 2 takes several tries. Since the game is so fun playing the levels again isn’t a problem. These are all the achievements in Middle Folkmore. Packmore, Snackmore, Pactropolis City, and The Void achievements are in other posts.

W. Izzard’s Tower

W. Izzard's Tower
  • Deliver the Gargoyles first
  • Spin only in a clockwise direction
  • Activate all the turtles at once

There are 2 gargoyles on the outer path between the circular platforms. Deliver those first. Next, only spin the X shaped bookcase in the center clockwise. I found there is some leeway in case you accidentally bump it slightly counter clockwise.

Three floating turtles move around the three outer circular platforms. They are activated by standing on them or placing a small item on them.

In order to get faster times on this level make use of the short path between the inner and outer platforms. Place as many small items in the center bookcase but only take 2 large items. Leave the rest on the short path.

Pay close attention when the outer paths are open. If you have access to the rear of the other circular rooms get everything while you can. It’s faster than spinning the center bookcase until you have a short path.

Sir Pent’s Library

Sir Pent's Library
  • Keep the mirrors from breaking
  • Feed the snake!
  • Crush the harp. Why? Why not!

There are two mirrors on this level. They are fairly fragile. Grabbing them too fast or bumping them too hard breaks the mirror. They can touch the walls or doors but not too hard.

The snake is the circular pattern on the floor in the outermost ring. There are three mushrooms located in the library. To feed the snake, take the mushrooms to the diamond embedded in the floor. It will consume the mushrooms when the floor moves to the right position and a mushroom is near.

The harp is on the far left. Use the sliding doors or the spinning door to crush the harp

Getting pro times on this level involves timing. The outer doors don’t stay open long. However, it’s better to wait by a closed door than try to fight the moving floor getting to another door.

Deliver items instead of leaving them in one of the inner rings. The spinning door tends to crush items left there. Don’t forget the style crate behind the door on the top right.

Hibernation Hostel

Hibernation Hostel
  • Slumber Party – Jump on all the beds
  • Goin’ Nuts! Deliver 3 acorns
  • Not That One – Don’t use the sliding door

There are 6 beds along the outer wall. Jump on all 6 beds to get the achievement. Next, deliver 3 acorns. Lastly, don’t use the sliding door on the right. It’s okay to use the other sliding door.

Getting the pro time on this level involves blocking a few doors open. Many rooms you won’t need access to again. So just throw all the smaller items into the next room without letting the door close behind you.

Form a train for the larger items. Drag one item into the doorway. Then drag another item to take its place propping open the door. You can only push 1 item while dragging another. So once there’s two items in the way, jump over the item propping the door open and make more space.

Train To Train Transfer

Train To Train Transfer
  • Deliver all the chests first
  • Fill a carriage with all of the same item
  • Keep the gems dry

Take all the chests off the train on the bottom right and deliver them to the train on the top right. You have to take items off each train to make room for new deliveries.

There’s enough room to fill one carriage with deliveries. It doesn’t matter of you do the gems, the chests, or the giant lantern things. Just place all of the same item in one carriage.

To keep the gems dry you have to have good timing. I found standing as close to the train as you can while holding down the throw button works best. Once the x is on the very last part of the goldfishes tail or on the last part of one of the carriages, let it go.

As long as too many items don’t fall into the water and you keep bush. Getting pro times isn’t hard. Don’t forget the character crate behind the one way door on the bottom. You have to ride a carriage past the wall and jump to the crate.

Treetop Train Town

Treetop Train Town
  • Take the flamingos for a spin in the same carriage
  • Match the beds to the room
  • Only drive clockwise

There are 4 flamingos. Two are at the top corner on either side of the fence. One is on the right corner below the fence. The last is near the bottom corner, to the right of the fence. Put all 4 in a carriage, not the control car, and drive around the map once.

Matching the beds to each room involves matching the pillow to the rug in each room. The bed with the round pillow goes in the orange room on the left. Put the bed with the square pillow in the top right room with a blueish square pattern on the floor.

The bed with a diamond shaped pillow goes in the lower right room with the purple carpet that has a diamond pattern. Put the bed with the triangle shaped pillow in the room on the bottom corner with the triangle patterned carpet.

The only drive clockwise achievement has a bug.

Load Everything on the Train

Get better times by loading everything on the train and only making 1 trip around the map. I found this method works for leading everything on the train.

Place 2 beds in each carriage so the head of each bed is at the open end. Push the beds tightly together so there is spare room at the top or bottom. This way you can place items on the beds.

Grab the TV’s and spam the jump button while pulling them onto the beds. You can fit all 3 TV’s on 2 beds this way. Next, grab a small box from the top of the fridge. In the other carriage, place the small box on the floor near the beds. This is important step to get the toilets on the beds.

Grab a toilet and spam the jump button to get on top of the box. Once you start rising on the box move to the bed. Just like the TV’s, you can fit 3 toilets on the beds. However, you really only need 1 on the bed.

In the spare space you can fit all 3 refrigerators in one carriage and 3 toilets in the other carriage. Getting the 3rd item in the carriage involves getting a corner started. Then jumping out of the carriage and pushing it the rest of the way.

In my experience the last toilet is hard so putting 2 of them on the beds skips this step. Finally, jump and throw the 3 small boxes where there’s room. Now you can deliver everything in 1 trip.


Tricky Train Transport

Tricky Train Transport
  • Deliver all the orbs first
  • Put all the gems in one carriage
  • Send the flamingos down each of the aqueducts

Delivering all the orbs first is plain enough as is putting all the gems in one carriage. There are 3 flamingos. Two are conveniently located near an aqueduct while the last is on the main platform. Throw 1 flamingo down each aqueduct for this achievement.

To get the pro time I had to stop and start the train to avoid going too fast around the curves. Items tend to fall off if you just non-stop hold the go stick.

I found using the top left train first worked better than using the train on the right. Load the potion and go to the potion platform. Send all the potions then load everything on the train. Push items back from the open end. Load 1 item in the control car too.

Let go of the stick to slow down around the curve. Otherwise items will fall out. Transfer everything to the other train. As long as you go slow and don’t have to make extra trips you can get a pro time.

Penny’s Portal Palace

Penny's Portal Palace
  • No-one travels through the same portal more than once
  • Enter a second portal without touching the ground
  • Travel through every portal within 35 seconds

There are 10 portals total. Only go through each portal once. There’s only one portal on the floor. Use that one to enter a second portal without touching the ground.

Traveling through every portal within 35 seconds is hard on 1 player, not so much with 4 players. Here’s how I did it on 1 player.

  1. Start with dark green square portal, with tower pointing right.
  2. Jump across platform, go through the dark blue shield portal.
  3. Go down and go through the teal + portal.
  4. Head down and right. Then go through the blue cube portal.
  5. Go through the yellow star portal. Don’t fall in the water.
  6. Head down two platforms and go through the purple moon portal. Don’t fall in the water.
  7. Then go through the grey spade portal.
  8. Go all the way down and go through the orange diamond portal.
  9. as you go through, push right and go through the red heart portal. Try again if you missed it.
  10. From there move down and go through the dark green square portal, only this time go through when the tower is facing the pink triangle portal.
  11. Lastly, go through the pink triangle portal. You have to go through the dark green portal twice but you should have a few seconds to spare using this path.

To get a pro time throw as many items as you can to lower platforms. Some items can be thrown directly in the truck.

Mystic Mansion

Mystic Mansion
  • Complete the level without using the heart portal
  • Take that time!
  • Break all the stained glass windows

The heart portal isn’t necessary. There’s another portal attached to it. The portal with the blue helmet does the same as the red one so use that one instead.

Slap all 5 cuckoo clocks to get the achievement. They are found in rooms with a purple and orange floor switch. One in the long hallway. Another in the room with 2 sliding doors. The last one is hard to spot in the higher room next to the truck.

There are 2 stained glass panels that need broken. One is on the top left, the other is on the top right. You have to jump and throw items to break them. Breaking the right stained glass window reveals a hidden lab behind a wall.

For pro times, avoid going through the portals to excess. Prop open the sliding doors so you can go back and get more items in the bottom rooms. In the room with the telescope, wait for the automatic doors to close so you don’t have to unnecessarily go through the portal. Pull the green lever before going in the room with the orange lever.

Gassy Grove

Gassy Grove
  • Put all the chickens together on the rotating platform
  • Ride 3 different fans without touching the ground
  • Start in the truck and touch every island in the first 20 secs

Putting all the chickens together requires holding on to them. Otherwise they just run off the platform. It was easiest playing solo because there’s only 1 chicken.

I found riding a fan from an outer platform to two in the middle was the easiest way to ride 3 fans. Ride fans on the spinning platform in the middle going counter clockwise. You don’t need to land on ground to get this achievement.

From your start position on the truck ramp run up to the top left platform. Then go right, then down to the spinning platform. Next, go to the lower right platform then work your way up. You should end on the top right platform.

Getting a pro time involves not falling in the water. Watch the spinning platform in the middle an time your movements so you don’t get blown back.

Breezy Bazaar

Breezy Bazaar
  • Pots? Gotta smash ’em all
  • Very important poultry: deliver all the chickens first
  • Deliver all the meat

Grab all the hanging pots and smash them. Deliver the live and cooked chickens first. Lastly, deliver all the meat.

To get pro times have one person control the fan while another person floats up and grabs items. Don’t let items or players fall in the water on the right side.

Larger Than Lodge

Larger Than Lodge
  • Avoid the cauldron
  • Crush the wheelbarrow. Just because
  • Jump on the Jack’s nose

The cauldron is the thing in the middle that slides back and forth. You can jump over it as it slides toward you, but avoid getting hit by it.

The wheelbarrow is in the upper right room. You need the wheelbarrow to jump on Jack’s nose. So do that achievement before delivering or letting the cauldron smash it.

Get a pro times by avoiding the cauldron. The less you or items get hit the quicker your times are.


How to travel through every portal in 35 seconds in Penny’s Portal Palace?

Go through the portals in this order:
1. Dark green square portal, tower facing right.
2. Dark blue shield portal.
3. Teal + portal.
4. Blue cube portal.
5. Yellow star portal. Don’t fall in the water.
6. Purple moon portal. Don’t fall in the water.
7. Grey spade portal.
8. Orange diamond portal.
9. Red heart portal.
10. Dark green square portal. This time with the tower facing left.
11. Pink triangle portal.

How to Tilt on Gumball Gumption in Moving Out 2?

Slap both green gloves sticking out from the floor to get the tilt achievement.

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