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We recently added Moving Out 2 to our library of Nintendo Switch games. It’s a multiplayer co-op couch game. Where you play as movers in the world of Packmore.

Moving Out 2 is the sequel to Moving Out. The second version of this game is considerably different from the first iteration. The basic controls and mechanics are the same, however, the levels in this game are much more than just moving items from a house onto a truck.

Moving Out 2 adds a lot more throwing, puzzles, and sorting. If you liked the Packmore Island expansion pack, you’ll love Moving Out 2. In some ways each level is like a mini game. Players have to figure out puzzles to gain access to areas, use more teamwork throwing items, sort items, and use tools such as sling shots.

Some levels play like a shooting gallery, plinko, or collecting items as they fall from the top of the screen. Earning points is the goal in some levels instead of ferrying items across the screen.

There are plenty of regular levels too. But Moving Out 2 has a wide range of levels compared to the first version. Where every level was filling a moving truck before time runs out.

Moving Out 2 animated characters

Why This Game?

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends or family, Moving Out 2 is an ideal choice. It isn’t a competition, so everyone will remain on good terms after playing, unlike some multiplayer games.

Anyone who likes co-op games will enjoy Moving Out 2. Players need to work together much more in this game. There’s a lot more throwing and catching in this version.

Coordinating efforts is essential on many levels. Players operate levels, switches, trains, and robots to assist other players in their efforts. Unlike the first version, moving items across the map isn’t as straightforward.

There are plenty of puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome. Figuring on the best way to move things is part of every level. If you like finding solutions to logistics, then Moving Out 2 is a good choice.

Moving Out 2 is also great for solo playing. We tested Moving Out 2 with multiple players and solo. While solo lacks the co-op aspect, it was enjoyable playing with just 1 player.

The levels for solo are altered slightly to accommodate the lack of players. Meaning, no large items or throwing fragile items was necessary. Robots were automated when necessary.

With 2 or 3 people it’s great too. As you add players the number of deliverable items increases. Having 4 players lets you experience the game to it’s fullest, but there so much to experience it’s still good no matter how many players you have.

Moving Out 2 character selection

Pros and Cons

If you struggled getting large objects through doorways or moving awkward, unbalanced items in the first game, then you will appreciate Moving Out 2. They made moving unwieldy items considerably better in this version. You don’t spin as much or stick to every bump, corner, or item.

Moving items past other items was impossible in the first version. However, in the new version you can push past nearby items to some extent.

Getting items through doorways is a breeze now. Some items are still off-balance, but moving items isn’t the main focus anymore. Figuring out where they go, or how to get them there captures your attention more than actually moving an item.

Moving Out 2 Snackmore

On the one hand, it makes moving items cleaner and easier. On the other hand, you can’t take advantage of the mechanics like you could on the first version. For example, one player could spam the pick-up and jump buttons to routinely flip large items out windows or over low thresholds. Moving Out 2 eliminated a lot of those exploits, but moving items is so much better in this version!

In the first version, spamming the jump buttons while holding on to a couch also allowed you to avoid falling off a platform or get it through a doorway faster. You can still do this to some extent but with all the improvements you don’t fall off as much.

There are so many small improvements like this that make moving items noticeably different in this version. I was so used to the old way of fighting to get items around each other or through doorways I wasn’t sure about this game at first. But after playing it a while, the mechanics on Moving Out 2 greatly improve the game.

Moving Out 2 map

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics get a nice upgrade in Moving Out 2. The characters, buildings, maps, trucks, menus and everything else are significantly improved. The different dimensions add a new element too.

There’s a wizard world similar to Harry Potter with castles, trains, and mythical animals. A candy dimension right out of Willy Wonka with rivers of chocolate, honey, cake, gummy bears, and ice cream bars. There’s also a futuristic world inspired by the Jetsons in the sky with moving platforms, robots, and electronics.

They spent a lot of time improving the graphics and creating a variety of levels. The moving in levels have silhouettes of an item! A vast improvement over the mere outline on the floor from the original design.

When Sonic the Hedgehog came out in the 1990’s, the bar for background music was substantially raised. Moving Out 2 passes the bar. The background music was not distracting at all, in even seemed quiet at times.

They added new sounds and background music. But they put much more effort into the graphics than the sounds though.

They recycled some sounds and music from the first game. Which, like many Kirby games, works well. They dropped the announcer. I really missed the announcers voice from the Moving Out 1. Reading all those corny jokes just isn’t the same.

Moving Out 2 Pacmore

Characters and Achievements

They definitely added more characters and achievements to this game. A notable improvement over the first design. Characters come in 3 versions, which works better than choosing a different hat or outfit in the first game.

Like the first game you can choose handicapped characters, which is a nice touch. Every character can toggle on/off a wheelchair. The characters are unlocked by finding Style Crates or Character Crates hidden throughout the levels, plus a few on the main map.

There are 5 achievements per level now. They range from easy to seemingly impossible. For example, not letting any package falling into the water on a level where you have to throw every item across several small islands. Flashbacks to not breaking any glass in the Atari office building!

The more achievements you earn the higher your F.A.R.T. level, which maxes out at 115 or level 11. A higher F.A.R.T. level is required to play certain levels.

There are also more hidden achievements sprinkled throughout the levels. For example, you need to find 3 hidden keys and place them in colored locks. An improvement over the first game.

Moving Out 2
Moving Out 2 Pactropolis
Moving Out 2 middle folkmore

Comparable Games

Moving Out 2 is comparable to Moving Out 1 of course. It’s also comparable to Overcooked, Out of Space, Lumberhill, Tools Up, and Very Very Valet to name a few.

Similar to Overcooked 1 & 2, Moving Out 2 is an upgraded version of the first game. Also like Overcooked, the second version is better in my opinion.

Both games made slight improvements to the game mechanics. Overcooked 2 toned down the dashing and added throwing. While Moving Out 2 made moving items easier and added slingshots.

Both games added a variety of levels, although Moving Out 1 left much more room for improved levels than Overcooked. I love both games, but tend to favor Moving Out more.

Moving Out 2 level

Lumberhill, Tools Up, and Very Very Valet are also my favorites. They all have you working as a team racing against the clock. Moving Out 2 has such a variety of levels compared to the others.

We found ourselves asking many times, what are we supposed to do here? But it was a good thing, because it made Moving Out 2 so engaging. It’s the most entertaining of the 4 games.

Out of Space doesn’t have a clock, instead you work as a team to clean a spaceship and power each room. Both Out of Space and Moving Out 2 require harmonized teamwork. Which makes for hours of fun with friends or family.

Moving Out 2 Middle Folkmore


Moving Out 2 is a major upgrade compared to the first installment of the game. Levels are much more than just moving items to or from a truck. There’s many puzzles or efficient paths to figure out on each level.

Which makes for a very engaging game. We played most of the day without getting tired of because of the variety of the levels and numerous achievements.

Playing levels several times to find the hidden achievements or accomplish the main achievements really mixes things up. Instead of being redundant, Moving Out 2 is a very delightful game.

Overall, Moving Out 2 captures the fun of the original game but spices things up with a broad variety of gameplay.

Moving Out 2 title screen

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