All characters in moving out 2

There are 19 character crates in Moving Out 2. Some are hidden on the map while others are located in the levels. Here’s a breakdown of where they are located.

  • Packmore has 4 character crates, 2 arcade games, and 1 style crate.
  • Snackmore has 3 character crates, 1 arcade game, and 4 style crates.
  • Middle Folkmore has 5 character crates, 1 arcade game, and 3 style crates.
  • Pactropolis City has 7 character crates and 4 style crates.
  • The Void has 3 arcade games and 1 style crate.

Packmore Locations

In Chalet la Faye the character crate is located in the room at the top of the stairs on the far right side of the house. Not much is sticking out to see but grab at the corner and pull out the crate with Rye Yu.

Rye Yu the toaster

On the main map there’s a crate between Boxwood farm and G.O.A.T. This one is easy to spot and contains Henrietta the chicken.

Henrietta the chicken

The next character crate in Packmore is at the end of the dock near the Catch Shack. It has Tooki the toucan.

Tooki the parrot

The last character crate in Packmore is on the bottom left part of the main map. Use the truck to sever the two ropes holding up the bridge. Then navigate to the top level to get the Herbie character crate.

Herbie the cactus

Snackmore Locations

The first crate is found near the Floating Fling Flats level. Look above the level in the corner. It has Sunny the fried egg.

Sunny the fried egg

The next is found in the purple juice lake. Take the fountain up to this circular reservoir. Between the two spinning straws is the Prof. Inkle character crate.

Prof. Inkle the squid

In Sugar Sorting Station, the crate is found at the bathroom at bottom left of the building. You have to move the items under it to get the character crate.

Sprinkles the donut

Middle Folkmore Locations

In Middle Folkmore there are 5 character crates.

The first is found in Train To Train Transfer level. It’s behind the one way door on the main platform. To reach it you have to get on a carriage and jump to the small platform behind the door. This crate contains Dazzlehoof the unicorn.

Dazzlehoof the unicorn

The text crate is hidden in the U shaped aqueduct between Sir Pent’s Library and Penny’s Portal Palace. Drive into the U shape to reveal a hidden crate with Cam the chameleon.

Cam the chameleon

The next create requires going near Penny’s Portal Palace. Go behind this level and through the purple diamond portal to get the next Bruce the koala character crate.

Bruce the koala

The next crate is found under the aqueduct near the blue moon portal. Near the Mystic Mansion is the blue moon portal. Go through it and down to the right is the dog Laika character crate. You have to go left to get down a level, then go right.

Laika the dog

The last crate is in Breezy Bizaar. Head toward the far right room. In the corner near the water is the old blackwhiskers crate.

Old Blackwhiskers the cat

Pactropolis City Locations

There are 7 crates in Pactropolis City. The first is found in The Strato Tower level. Go to the top of the map in the small grassy area. This is also where you start the turbines. Hidden in the far right corner is the crate.

Dials the TV

The next crate is in the Twilight Drone level. On the bottom platform, in the bottom left terrace are some boxes. Under the small box is the Clawdius the crab crate.

Clawdius the crab

The next crate is in the Pool House level. It’s above the meter for the golf trainer thing. Go out on the terrace then work your way slowly to the top. You don’t need to jump but can walk left to pick up the Super Movebot 5000 crate.

Super Movebot 5000

The next crate is in Watt’s House level. To the left of the where the battery is located is a platform. You can only see it from behind the truck. The create is on that platform but it needs lifted.

Get the battery and put it in the socket on the far right for the main bridge. Place the batter in so the negative orange terminal connects to the purple positive terminal. This lifts the platform so you can get the Ramone crate.

Ramone the noodles

The next crate is in the Dronies level. Near the start is a mailbox. Behind the mailbox hidden in the bushes is the T Pott character crate.

T Pott the tea pot

The next crate is on the outer most ring of the main map toward the top. Above Cranky Gardens on a white pillar is the Gilly character crate.

Gilly the fish

Another crate is found on the outer most ring of the main map toward the left. Behind the giant fan next to Sushi Gardens is a character crate. Coco the coconut.

Coco the coconut

List of Character crates

  • Henrietta the chicken. Packmore near farm levels.
  • Tooki the toucan. Packmore at the end of the dock.
  • Herbie the cactus. Packmore bottom of map, cut ropes to access.
  • Rye Yu the toaster. Packmore in Chalet la Faye level.
  • Sunny the fried egg. Snacmore far right and up a little.
  • Prof. Inkle the squid. Snacmore in the middle of the purple lake.
  • Sprinkles the donut. Snacmore in Sugar Sorting Station level.
  • Dazzlehoof the unicorn. Middle Folkmore in the Train To Train Transfer level.
  • Cam the chameleon. Middle Folkmore map hidden in U shaped aqueduct.
  • Bruce the koala. Middle Folkmore map purple diamond portal.
  • Laika the dog. Middle Folkmore map blue moon portal.
  • Old Blackwhiskers the cat. Middle Folkmore in in Breezy Bizaar level.
  • Dials the TV. Pactropolis City in Strato Tower level.
  • Clawdius the crab. Pactropolis City in Twilight Drone level.
  • Super Movebot 5000. Pactropolis City in Pool House level.
  • Ramone the noodles. Pactropolis City in Watt’s House level.
  • T. Pott the pot. Pactropolis City in Dronies level.
  • Gilly the fish. Pactropolis City outer ring top.
  • Coco the coconut. Pactropolis City outer ring left.


Where is the last character crate for Cam the chameleon in Middle Folkmore?

There’s an illusion in Middle Folkmore in the aqueduct between Sir Pent’s Library and Penny’s Portal Palace. Drive into the U shape to reveal the character crate.

How do you get through the purple diamond portal in Middle Folkmore?

Past Penny’s Portal Palace is the other end of the purple diamond portal.

Where is the character crate in the Pool House?

On the terrace above and slightly to the right of the golf trainer meter thing.

How do you get the character crate in Watt’s House?

To the left of the battery is a platform with the crate. Place the battery in the socket to the far right. It has to have the orange negative terminal contact the purple positive terminal to raise the platform.

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