Getting all the achievements in Moving Out 2 requires playing the levels a few times. Due to the game being fun, replaying the levels isn’t a bad thing. These are all the achievements in Snackmore. Packmore, Middle Folkmore, Pactropolis City, and The Void achievements are in other posts.

Honeycomb Hoops

Honeycomb Hoops
  • Make 3 shots in a row
  • Give a bear their big shot
  • Give the flamingos a bath

Making 3 shots in a row is simple enough. Giving a bear their big shot involves getting the gummy bear on the left and shooting it into the basket. Hitting the flamingos isn’t as easy since the aim is off. You have to pull the slingshot back as far as it goes to hit the flamingos.

The left slingshot can’t hit the basket when it’s all the way right so don’t even try. The slingshot on the right can’t hit the basket when it’s all the way left so don’t waste a shot.

Lolli-POP Gallery

Lolli-POP Gallery
  • I hate rainbow flavoured icecream
  • Hit 3 targets in a row without missing
  • Hit the special target

The rainbow flavored ice cream is the ball in the middle. Don’t use it to get the achievement. Hitting 3 targets is straightforward. You don’t need to hit all 3 moving targets. Just any 3 targets will do. The special target is the star that arcs across in front of the slingshots.

The top target is worth 2 points so hit that as much as possible. So is the special target.

Floating Fling Flats

Floating Fling Flats
  • Make 5 perfect landings
  • Smash all the trees
  • Jump on an awning

Making 5 perfect landings isn’t as hard as it sounds. Playing the level 2 or 3 times is certain to get these objectives. Smashing all the trees involves flinging an item at all 4 trees in the chocolate moat around the house. Jumping on an awning is done from the rear walkway. Go through the door and jump on one of the awnings between the houses.

You also use this awning to fling items from the left slingshot to the right house. And visa-versa. Smaller items need carried across manually.

Its easy to loose items on this level since it gets cluttered. Use the top button to locate items not placed yet.

Gingerbread Testing Facility

Gingerbread Testing Facility
  • Knock items with the wrecking ball 10 times
  • Smash all the candy trees
  • Don’t break any empty candy cups

Knocking 10 items with the wrecking ball is easy enough. Smashing all the candy trees isn’t. On the path leading up to the moving truck is one tree leaning on the left wall. The tree really blends into the wall since its facing backwards. Not breaking any candy cups is also a bit tricky since one cup is upside down. The chocolate bottom makes it hard to spot.

For faster times make full use of the conveyor belt. Some items get stuck in the corner. You have to toss another item on or manually help it along.

Gumball Gumption

Gumball Gumption
  • Send a gumball through without touching anything.
  • Finish with at least 8 gumballs of the same type
  • TILT!

Sending a gumball through without touching anything just seems to happen on its own. Just pull back the knobs over and over to release all the white balls. One is bound to get feed into the gumball machine.

You can keep sending painted gumballs back in until you get 8 of the same type. Tilt is accomplished by slapping both the green hands sticking up from the ground on either end.

I got better times on this level by completing each step before moving on to the next one. I started by sending every white ball out of the chute before feeding any into the machine. Once all the white balls were out then I started feeding them.

I threw or knocked as many balls toward the feeding chute in the middle as I could. Once every ball was painted I went all the way to one side to start sorting. I worked my way from that side to the other.

Separating balls by jumping and throwing the orange ones to the left and purple ones to the right. Once I got close to the moving truck I loaded every type of ball for that truck. Then worked my way to the other side, throwing or knocking all the balls toward that truck.

Ginger’s Homestead

Ginger's Homestead
  • Smash 5 candy cups in under 2 seconds
  • Complete level without smashing more than 4 walls
  • Smash everything!

Smashing 5 candy cups in under 2 seconds is achieved with the narrow path on the right. Line up 5 candy cups in that alley and run or throw the ball up the alley.

Completing the level by smashing only 4 walls is easy long as you smash the right walls. Two walls have embedded items so you have to smash those. Then smash the top wall to access the left building. Any of the exterior walls give access to he building on the right.

When smashing everything be sure not to miss the trees in the top right corner. Getting the pro time requires using the ball to knock most items toward the moving truck. The smaller items, such as the stack of chocolate in the lower right building aren’t effected by the ball. Throw those on the truck.

Sugar Sorting Station

Sugar Sorting Station
  • Deliver all the croissants first
  • Put all the bears in the office
  • Deliver all the croissants last

Delivering all the croissants first or last is plain enough. I found it was easy to miss the croissant on the desk in the bottom right corner. Putting all the gummy bears in the office takes some time. Don’t miss the yellow gummy bear in the delivery area for the small cakes.

Getting better times wasn’t too bad for this level in my experience. Just don’t cross the map empty handed.

Cake Cargo Chaos

Cake Cargo Chaos
  • Throw all the fruit away
  • Use the lever less than 6 times
  • Deliver all the bears first

Throwing all the fruit away requires both the small slices an large watermelon slices. Delivering all the gummy bears first is plain enough.

Using the lever less than 6 times requires jumping off the platform and throwing the smaller cakes across to the other side. That way you only need to pull the level to move the larger items. You also have to ride the moving platform every time you pull the lever. So don’t forget to throw items across or feed them into the door before pulling the lever.

I found getting the pro time involved playing roughly the same as using the lever 6 times achievement. Except this time pull the lever as many times as you need to in order to open the doors. Throw items across, load up the moving platform, etc.

The Ginger District

The Ginger District
  • Break the delivery area last
  • Deliver 4 candy cups
  • Smash 3 candy cups without the wrecking ball

The delivery area is the one with a light blue roof. Break all the interior walls in the units with a green and yellow roofs. Deliver 4 empty candy cups without breaking them. We smashed the candy cups by throwing the large red and white ball at them. I wasn’t able to smash open the candy cups solo playing.

For faster times, avoid the bar swinging in the middle as much as possible. Throw as many items as you can from the back of each unit to the middle.

Sweet-Tooth Slopes

Sweet-Tooth Slopes
  • Picky Eater – Only eat one type of candy
  • Munch 10 items in a row without a miss
  • Avoid getting knocked off the stage

This level is easier with 1 player than multiple players, but we eventually got it both ways. We had two players manage one mouth thing. Then set the other one off to the side facing away. Then two players ran up the red waterfall to sort. Catching and throwing candy we didn’t want to the sides. While catching and throwing candy we did want into the mouth thing.

Munching 10 items and avoid being knocked off wasn’t easy. But after several tries we attained the objective.


  • Don’t get hit by a sherbert bomb
  • Sort 5 consoles
  • Deliver 3 bears in 3 seconds

Watch for the pink sherbert bombs. They pop as they tick down and have a descent size blast range. The consoles are the small yellow things. Throw at least 5 into the chutes. Pile up gummy bears around the gummy bear chute. Let a sherbert bomb push them in or do it yourself once you get 4 or 5 piled up.

Always grab and feed close items. I found getting good at the hammer throw technique helps for this level. As you drag an item toward the chute, start to spin around and release the item at just the right time. You can sort of toss items with the momentum.

Chocolate Streams

Chocolate Streams
  • Deliver all the gumballs first
  • Don’t let any items fall in the chocolate
  • Knock knock!

We found delivering all the gumballs first requires both the large red and small green gumballs. Not letting any items fall in the chocolate requires teamwork. One player would send an item, the other caught it.

I found playing solo I needed to enable the assist mode, lesser difficulty. Seriously, playing solo this objective was impossible. On certain conveyors, the zip line was too far away to catch an item before it fell off on the other side.

Placing a buffer item kept the sent item on the platform. But the buffer item always fell in the chocolate before I could get to it. Placing two buffer items worked but then I’d run out of time.

Taffy’s Treadmill

Taffy's Treadmill
  • Save the flamingo and deliver it
  • Complete without crushing a moveable
  • Complete move with fast speed active

The flamingo is near the end, on the left side of all the boxes. While these achievements are straightforward they may take several attempts. You have to slap the switch before jumping down to the platform to set the faster speed.

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