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Getting all the achievements in Moving Out 2 involves several attempts. But the game is so fun I didn’t mind. These are all the achievements in Packmore. Snackmore, Middle Folkmore, Pactropolis, and The Void achievements are in other posts.

Billie’s Bungalow

Billie's Bungalow
  • Let that sink in!
  • Zap it!
  • What’s burning?

Pulling out the kitchen sink until the hose breaks gets the first achievement. Slapping the electrical panel until you get shocked gets the second. It’s on the blue wall to the right of the front door behind the bushes. Open the oven in the kitchen to see what’s burning.

Throwing whatever you can out the front window gets faster times.

742 Evergoose Terrace

742 Evergoose Terrace
  • Who let the goose out?
  • Don’t break any windows
  • Take your shot

Moving the crate near the basketball hoop to lets the goose out. Don’t break any windows. The style crate, the large gaming console, and the grill are the hardest items to move without breaking anything. Move them first.

Get the basketball from the room above the garage. Then stand on the hood of the moving truck. Trying to shoot it in takes to long. Jump and slam dunk the basketball to get the “take your shot” objective.

Pack the large items first and tight on the truck to get better times. Stack smaller items on top of larger items.

Catch Shack

Catch Shack
  • Bounce 8 items off the umbrella
  • Don’t use the sliding door!
  • Rinse off the sand

Stand at the top of the stairs, aim at the umbrella, and throw 8 items at the umbrella. When it closes, slap it and it will reopen. Don’t touch the front sliding door or move the table blocking it open. Throw everything across or use the left side by jumping across the pool. At the bottom of the stairs hidden under the umbrella is a shower. Slapping it rinses off the sand.

Throw as many items across as you can to get better times. Even if you have to jump off the balcony into the pool. Jump and stack small items on top of the existing items in the truck for more room.

Chalet la Faye

Chalet la Faye
  • Break all the windows
  • Keep your flamingo clean
  • Cuckoo to you too buddy!

Breaking all the windows includes the ones in the kitchen facing the street. The flamingo on the balcony to the right of the truck needs washed. Take it to the shower in the bottom left bedroom. Slapping the shower starts it. Slap the cuckoo clock to get the last achievement.

Locksmith Lodge

  • The secret is key
  • When you gotta go on the move
  • I’m allergic to sliding doors

There is a red key, yellow key, and green key. The green key is on top of the door on the billboard. Slap the electrical panel to the right of the truck to get it down. The yellow key is inside the port-a-potty. Slap it to get it out. The red key is hidden under a pile of tires on the far right corner.

Each key needs placed in the color coordinated box found in the rooms to complete the achievement. The room to the right of the truck has a red box on the wall. Place the red key there. The room adjacent to that has a yellow box on the wall. The room below the spinning door in the middle has the green box.

Take the portable outhouse to the moving truck to get the go on the move objective. Being allergic to sliding doors applies to the manual sliding doors. It’s fine to go through the automatic door. You have to go in through the rear window then prop the door open to get the large desk into the building on the left.

In order to get faster times, take taller items through doors that don’t have the black and yellow striped bar across the top.

Boxwood Farm

  • Best friends forever
  • Don’t break any fences
  • Not the bees!

To get best friends forever, place every animal in the sheep pen. Not breaking any fences is plain enough. To get the last achievement slap all 3 of the white beehives on the far right corner.

The farm levels are considerably harder to get the pro times than most levels in the game. You need to herd the animals to get the best times.

When you start the level go to the pig pen and take a trough out. Then block the gate from the outside. That way you can toss pigs in but they can’t get out. Block the gates located between the pig and chicken pen.

For the chicken pen, block the gate open with the trough. Block access behind the chicken gate too. You don’t need to block the turn style gate.

Now, start at 12 ‘o clock behind the chicken pen and sweep around the farm to 6 ‘o clock. All the animals should be herded around 9 ‘o clock at this point. Block the path behind you at the choke point between the fence and white feed bin.

Start loading the pigs, sheep, and cow while saving the chickens for last. With the gate open many might go in the pen by themselves. Block the gate with the trough from the outside and load any loose chickens.


  • Cows first!
  • Bad goat! Don’t let a goat stun you
  • Deliver the Goats

Deliver the cows first is straightforward. So is delivering the goats and not letting the goat stun you. Once you get the achievements you can go for the pro times, which is hard.

The way I did it was blocking the path under the fence in the bottom pen. That way the animals can’t go back and forth between the rooms. The only red fences I had the rams break were the two holding the cows.

I loaded the pigs by grabbing them and jumping on the feed bins to get out. I hand to run around gathering the sheep and chickens. But save the chickens for last. I mostly didn’t bother penning the rams unless they were right next to it. All but the cow can be thrown over the fence to the right of the gate with one person.

I tried blocking access to the bottom room entirely. Or throwing the chickens into the pig pen. Herding efforts didn’t work well either. Breaking out the cows just eats up so much time. Mostly, I wound up running around gathering animals to get the pro time.


What are all the levels in Moving Out 2?

Packmore has 10 levels, Snacmore has 13 levels, Middle Folkmore has 11 levels, Pactropolis has 16 levels, and The Void has 7 levels. A grand total of 57 levels exist in Moving Out 2.

How many achievements does Moving Out 2 have?

There are a total of 266 stars available in Moving Out 2. Packmore has 36 stars, Snacmore has 65 stars, Middle Folkmore has 55 stars, Pactropolis has 80 stars, and The Void has 30 stars.

What are the mystery achievements in Moving Out 2?

You can collect style crates and character crates for a total of 37 characters with 3 styles each.

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