Looking for a cheap alternative to ink? This color label printer doesn’t require ink, toner, or other supplies. Comparing the operating costs of inkjet, laser, or thermal printers, thermal printers are easily the lowest. Especially when it comes to the cost of printing in color. The happy printer by Zink doesn’t use any ink or toner, just rolls of paper.

Thermal Label printer

Due to its size this color label printer is ideal for craft projects. It can’t do full bleed 12×18, however, it can print color labels!

color label printer

It costs the same to print a small amount of text as it does to fill the label with a picture. Don’t hesitate to print as much color as possible. Great for printing custom gift tags. Printing a gift tag with a picture of who it is intended for will personalize any gift. With the app that comes with it you can take a picture of the contents of a bin with a smartphone, print it via wi fi then label it right on the spot. Create personalized pictures or art work for hanging up in a dollhouse.

  • Custom gift tags
  • Organization projects
  • Craft projects

It can connect wirelessly to iPhones, iPads, Android, tablets or computers. Zink provides a printing app to make printing from tablets or phones easier. It is battery powered so is portable.


High resolution is difficult for any printer printing on 2 inch wide paper. I would say for its size the quality is as good as most laser printers but not as good as an inkjet printer. Ink isn’t suited for craft projects because it’s water soluble. Thermal printing is great for craft projects because the colors wont bleed. The only concern is exposure to sunlight or high heat for extended periods of time will cause it to fade.

Thermal printing

The technology has been around for at least twenty years and was popular in fax machines. Compared with laser or inkjet, thermal printers require little to no maintenance or supplies. Only paper. The thermal print head is durable and reliable. It may need cleaned after thousands of prints.

Thermal paper

Thermal printers work in conjunction with thermal paper. Any other paper would just print out blank. Thermal printers use the subtractive process for printing. The cyan, magenta, and yellow pigments are in the paper. Thermal paper is slightly more expensive than plain paper due to the extra production cost. When compared to the operating cost inkjet or laser printers, thermal printing costs are still lower.

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